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Fatal Attraction

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At the turn of the 19th century. Most powerful person in Europe in quite possibly the world was a man by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte anybody ever heard of him? Most people probably him even though he was a man who was short in stature people always made fun of him for that even though he was a short man he made up for it and in being a very brilliant military strategic leader. There wasn't an Army in Europe or Russia or anywhere else that could beat him and he knew it and so for over a decade he conducted a series of wars and pieces intrusive and try to make himself the emperor not only of France but the emperor of Europe and eventually I'm sure he wanted to be the emperor of the entire world for a long time. It seemed like nothing could stop Napoleon that is until in 1812. He made the faded decision to invade the country of or your history bus Russia. invited Russia now it wasn't so much. That the Russian army could defeat Napoleon because they really couldn't but there was one thing that Napoleon failed to take into consideration when he invaded Russia, and that was the Russian winter.

When the winter came on and Napoleon's troops were out there. He was losing more troops everyday to the cold and he lost in most of the battles that he fought and so he had no choice but to run away basically to flee from Russia with his tail tucked in between his legs to get back to warmer climates. Otherwise his entire Army would be decimated in front of pulley and historians. Look at that mistake that single mistake and see that that was the beginning of the end for Napoleon. He was never able to rise to that level of power ever again. And we all make mistakes. Nobody's perfect. We know that right most of the mistakes that we make our small most of them are insignificant. But how many of you know someone who has made a huge mistake a big mistake. Hey what in the world was I thinking kind of mistake. These are the kinds of mistakes that haunt you and history is full of stories of these kinds of mistakes. Like how the Titanic was not piloted very carefully through the icebergs because it was deemed to be Unsinkable. They found out that wasn't true. Or how in the 1960s Decca records Turn Down The Beatles Because I told him that you know guitar bands. We think that they're on the way out boy where they ever wrong. These are the kind of of mistakes that keep you up at night. You never made a mistake. Have you ever been in that situation where you look back on something that you didn't said? What in the world was I thinking why did I go there? Why did I do that? Why did I say that? Why did I get involved with this person? Why did I get involved with him or her? What in the world was I thinking you know what you were thinking? You were thinking that that choice that you made. You were about to make you were thinking that that was going to make you happy. You were thinking that that was a good decision at the time.

And we're all like this. We have all made several mistakes where we have been in that situation where looking back hindsight is always 20/20, right? But looking back we say what in the world was I thinking but at the time you didn't know it was a bad choice before you were going into and yet there was something about that person something about that situation that Drew you in like a moth to the flame and for many of us. We are still feeling the burn from that decision. What is it about us? That causes us to make such bad decisions in life. What is it about our judgement? That it is flawed or broken and the real question is because the truth is that many of us still have decisions in our life to make in the future. Do we not how do we know if we didn't know then that that was a bad decision. How can we make sure that the choices we make in the future are going to be the right ones? That's what we're going to talk about today as we look at the story of a man in the Bible named David. We're going to look at his story all throughout this summer going to be a lot of fun. I always loved preaching through stories. And David is one of my absolute favorite if you know anything about the story of David, you know that he would eventually become king of Israel. And Not only was he King but he was considered to be the greatest King in the history of the nation of Israel Bruce Springsteen sing the song about Glory Days. Will David kingship where the Glory Days of Israel that's when they had conquered all of their enemies. That's when they were successful when they were wealthy when they were building something that they had for 4 years and years. They all did that under the leadership of David, but you're really appreciate David story. We need to go back. A few years before David was even selected to be king to see that the backdrop of David story has to do with a time when the entire nation of Israel made one of those big huge mistakes.

You see before Israel had Kings they lived in the time that we called the judges. You can read about this in the Old Testament Book of Judges. And for 300 years after they came into the promised land Israel had no human King. The idea was that God would be there King that as long as they decided to obey God. And hold to the terms of the Covenant that God had made with his people and everything would go well for them that God would be the one to lead them that he would give them success against their enemies all around that they would have prosperity and they would have peace. How did that work out those of you who know the story not that well. Because from the time Joshua died people begin to rebell. And people began to turn away from God and say, you know what I want to do. What's right in my own eyes. Whatever looks right to me. That's what I'm going to reach out. That's what I'm going to take. That's what I am going to do. And because the Israelites were disobedient to God to their King. God gave them over. The desires of their heart God gave them over to the consequences of their choices and they begin to be conquered by other nations. Now, what did all of these other nations have that Israel did not have they had Kings?

So Israel in this point, they had a choice they could either go back to the terms of the Covenant. They could either keep God as their King and Obey him and follow him and do the things that he had commanded them and encourage them to do or They can make the decision to become just like everyone else. And so that is exactly what they did. They got you a man named Samuel who is leading Israel at the time as God's representative for the people and this is what they tell him in first Samuel chapter 8, it's his diss. Appoint a king to lead us such as all the other nations have we want to be just like them it continues but when they said give us a king to lead us this displeased Samuel. So he prayed to the Lord not notice What God Says. And the Lord told him listen to all the people the people are saying you it is not you they have rejected but they have rejected me as their King. As they have done from the day. I brought them up out of Egypt until this day forsaking me and serving other gods so they are doing to you. Now listen to them but worn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will claim as his rights now hear me on this. Israel asks for a king because I think if only we could have a king that everything will go well for us that will be just like the other nations will be maybe even better than the other nations if we get the right King. Cyanosis, please because he knows that this is a bad idea. God knows that this is a bad idea as well.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were wanting to make a choice? And you have people in your life who loved you and cared about you and we're trying to say you really need to reconsider this. Are you sure that this is the person that you want to be with? Are you sure that this is the choice that you want to make are you sure that this is what you want to do with your life. Maybe it was a parent. Maybe it was a preacher. Maybe it was a friend who is caring for you. Maybe it was just growing up in church and knowing that this is what God expects from his word and yet just deciding. You know what I'm not going to listen to any of that advice and you go and you do it anyway. What you hear me?

God tell Samuel the same thing that he often allows in our lives. He's going to allow us to make our own bad choices. And the pay the consequences. Do you know why? because experience is often the best teacher

I can tell my kids don't do that. Don't do that. You'll get hurt. Don't do that. You'll get her don't do that. You'll get hurt until I am blue in the face.

But they're probably going to do it until they eventually get hurt. and in that experience of getting hurt, that's when they learn o Everything that Mom and Dad said was true in that experience where you go. Anyway, you do that. That's when you get burned and you look back and say oh

got really didn't know exactly what he was talking about.

But the Israelites will not be dissuaded. And so God says you go ahead and you give them a king but let me tell you you give them a warning and you tell them exactly what is going to happen when they ask for a king in Celestial does he tells them he says when you get a king things are not going to be as Rosie in as as as awesome, as you picture. They are going to be the king is not going to give you what you want. In fact the word that Samuel uses over and over again when he's describing. What a king is going to do that King is going to take from you. You have freedom. Now you're going to lose that under a king is going to take your freedom is going to take your possession is going to take your land. He's going to take your sons and your daughters to serve in his army and serving. His household is going to take and take and take and take but you asked for it. And God is going to give the people what they ask for. a short time later

God uses Samuel to call a man named soul. To be the first king of Israel. Now there are some warning signs about salt. When we first meet saw he's on a journey because he has lost his father's donkeys that he was supposed to be taken care of. And so we see right away that song may not be the most capable and responsible person for the job.

And when Samuel eventually Call Saul to come before the people of Israel and present him is King. They can't find it because he is actually hiding behind the luggage and the baggage he's afraid and he is insecure and he has a lot of internal weaknesses, but people can't see that what what's all lacked in these internal qualities he made up for in one thing in this was the one thing that really mattered to the people. Here's what it says in 1st Samuel chapter 10, they ran and brought Saul out. He was hiding and as he stood among the people he was a head taller than any of the others. Samuel said to the people. Do you see the man the Lord has chosen there is no one like him among all the people then the people shouted long live the king. They looked at soul and here was a big dude and they thought if anybody is strong enough to be king.

Forget all of the internal qualities forget all of the warning signs if anyone is strong enough to be king. The biggest guy we seen Kings from other nations and their big guys too. So he must be tough. He must be the one that God has chosen to lead us and so they say long live the king.

first things worse all seem to be going. Okay. He leaves his real and some battles and he does some good. But it's not long until the honeymoon phase is over. and all of those problems that the people chose to ignore

they reared their ugly heads and they became even worse than before. A man with a little responsibility who has a responsibility problem. That's one thing but a guy who is in power who has all of these issues. They just magnify greatly.

And not only is Saul disobedient to God, but he leads the people of Israel into Disobedience as well. And things are not going the way. At the people of Israel had wanted in fact it gets so bad. that God himself reject saw as king now that doesn't mean that sells not on the throne. He will be for many many more years.

the god withdraws his Blessing God withdraws his support and God withdraws his Spirit from Saul. Any tell Samuel that what I'm going to do? And for those of you who have made a bad choice, I want you to hear that he tells Samuel that what I'm going to do is I'm going to redeem this bad choice that my people have made. And for those of you who do have those bad choices in your past. I want you to understand that that doesn't mean that God is through with you. That doesn't mean that he has cast you off that doesn't mean that he has turned his back on you. He is faithful even when we are faithless time and time again, and he can go back and redeem what has been broken. He says I am going to choose a new king a king who is going to follow my wife a king who is going to be a man after my own heart. And so he tell Samuel I want you to go to the city of Bethlehem. And there you are going to find a man by the name of Jessie. Jessie has many sons and one of his sons Jesse smiling back there at one of his sons is going to be the Future King. Aventura

the same workouts any calls Jesse and all of his sons together for a face and tells Jesse what's going on and In This Moment? He looks at Jesse's oldest son. It's a guy by the name of a liar. And I want you to see what it says in 1st Samuel chapter 16 verse is this when they are ride Samuel saw Eli up and thought surely the Lord's anointed stands here before the Lord because I liable was big Ally of looked like a king, but the Lord said the same you'll do not consider his appearance. or his height for I have rejected him. I want you to hear me on this. Samuel what's the name of the godliest man? And Israel at the time. He spoke to God he heard the voice of God. Worked through Samuel. But even though Samuel new got it did not mean that he was immune to the same kind of bad decision-making that played everyone else as soon as Samuel saw Eli of he almost made the exact same bad choice that everyone else that Israel had made if it had been up to Samuel at that moment if he had not been paying attention if he had not been listening to God in the wrong person would have been made king of Israel again.

What is it about? What is it about us that makes us miss the point so often why would Samuel make the same mistake as everybody else as close as he wants to God because of this one What God Says next. He says the Lord does not look at the things people look at. people Look at the outward appearance. but the Lord looks the heart

the Lord looks at the heart.

many of us have probably heard the the modern-day saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I think there's wisdom in that. But for the sake of our less and I want a kind of twist that a little bit and I'll say this. But the path to pain is paved with a promise of pleasure. The path the pain is paved with the promise of pleasure. Why did you make that mistake? Because you thought that things were going to work out well for you, but man were you wrong?

We often are attracted as people because we are sinners because we do not see as God sees we are attracted to the wrong things and because of that. the attraction that draws us often becomes a Fatal Attraction We should be. If you find yourself in a situation where you are faced with everything that you want like your wildest dreams possible. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I think we should be very skeptical of those moments. When life presents us everything that we could ever want or everything that we could ever dream the rare, but they do happen sometimes. I think we should be very skeptical of those moments. You know why Paul himself actually says this he says that first Samuel sorry, it 2nd Corinthians chapter 10 is what he says. You got a second Corinthians 11.

Is Satan himself? masquerades as an angel of Light

We are not. The best judge of what is best for us?

It's so if we are going to make sure that our decisions that we make in the future are the right ones.

How can we do that? And if you're taking notes, I want you to write this down and remember this if you don't remember anything else that I say today is this. To live wisely we must pass judgement on a judgement. The live wisely we must pass judgement on our judgment. because if we're only trusting our eyes if we're only trusting the things that we can see

when the enemy is going to be able to bait and hook us and draw us away from God every single time. So, what's the alternative? If we are going to Choose Wisely, we can't rely on our self. We can't rely on our heart or feeling or intuitions. We can't rely on our gut or whatever else people say, I'm just going to go with that.

We need to listen to the wisdom that is around this and this can come from two different places. We can listen to the wisdom of the people around us. But we have to be careful because that wisdom can be good. It can be very good. But it can also be very very bad.

And when you're listening to the wisdom of people around you need to question and ask yourself are these people the ones that really care about me? Are these people do they love me enough to tell me know sometimes when I'm wrong because those people who are only around me telling yes, they're not the people who love me. They're kind of the cheerleaders there their they're yes, man. They're not the people who I can really trust.

Ask yourself do these people actually know what they're talking about. I saw something the other day on on online and social media and it said don't take advice don't take money advice from someone who's broke and I think that stands for you need to look at their life and say, okay did these people actually know what they're talking about?

You can look around you and you can find good sources of wisdom, but there's a place that you can go as flawed as flawed as human wisdom can be. The wisdom of God that we have in his word. false false there is only one in this world who knows in each and every situation what is best for you? Scott

the problem is that often the things that God chooses for us.

On the surface. They don't look that attractive. They're not that flashy. I don't really draw you in their kind of unsuspecting under the surface under the radar and yet. God in his wisdom knows that those are the very things that we need. We see this in the story of David.

Because after Samuel sees alai, I've been God says no I've rejected him.

Jesse from Bethlehem brings another son before Samuel. I got this. No not that one. Again, no, not that one again. No, not that one. Not that one. Not that one and it does this seven more times. You got to wonder how many sons does this guy have?

but after all 7 come before Samuel and God says no to each of them save it looks of Jesse and he says Jesse are these all the kids that you have because God hasn't chosen any of these. Jesse says, well there is still the youngest and that word in Hebrew for youngest can also mean runt. They're still the runt.

But he's out with sheep. And Samuel says you go and call him because we will not sit down to this Feast until he is here. So they go and they send for Jesse's youngest son. young boy named David

and as soon as he comes in

got tell Samuel. That's the one right there. my guy

and Samuel anoints David

he may have been as young as 12 or 13.

anoints, David And this is from that moment. the spirit of God came powerfully on David God had marked this young man's life for great things. But as we're going to see throughout the summer, but that doesn't mean that his life would be easy. That doesn't mean that his life would be a picnic going to be hard. It's going to be many many years before David actually becomes king.

But he will. God is going to be faithful to David. He's going to keep his promise and you know, it's going to turn out. It's going to turn out that God's choice. Ended up being the best choice, even though nobody would have looked at David and said yeah, that's the guy right there. God soul and God knew. And in his wisdom, he can redeem all have our bad choices as well. I know this is only the beginning of the story of David but it raises a very crucial question for all of us.

That's a question of who is your king? Who do you let lead your decisions? Who do you follow in your life?

Are there many different things that we can follow in life, but you could boil down the categories to two different ones and that's this.

You can let yourself be the king and that's pretty attractive isn't it the idea of you sitting on the throne of the crown on your head you get to make all of your decisions. Nobody gets to tell you what to do. If you want that you can pursue it. If you want to do that. You can do it if you want to take that you can take it. That's how many people choose to live. And because of this in order to be king, they think they have to pursue things like pleasure things like Fame things, like well things like success things like work all of these kinds of things in order to be the king of their life and we tell ourselves. If only I had that if only I could do this then I would be successful then I could be king. There's there's a lot of attraction in that. In fact, most of the people in this world they go after that day by day by day, but God offers us another choice. Speaking. Thanks, Jesus.

When I say it was prophesying about Jesus. Called the Messiah of Jews recognized as the king of the Jews. And Isaiah was prophesying about Jesus 700 years before this is what he said about Jesus. Jesus had no beauty or Majesty to attract us to him. Nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. I don't know what the people look to Jesus the same way that they looked at David and said Jesus the king of the Jews. I think so. He doesn't live like a king. He doesn't act like a king. Jesus calls us do a lie that doesn't seem very attractive on the surface. It's a life of humility a life of service a life of love and sacrifice a life of giving one cell rather than taking all that the world has to offer.

we can look at these two options and say I don't know living for myself seems better. And even those of us who have made the decision to follow Jesus, we have that choice before us every single morning you wake up tomorrow morning and you say who am I going to live for? How am I going to live? Who am I going to follow your actions? Say a lot more than your words to?

Who is your king?

Are you going to let yourself be attracted to the things of this world the things that promise so much pleasure, but only lead to empty nest and heartache and pain.

Or you going to follow Jesus?

and serve him deny yourself. Take up your cross.

To give up that other life isn't Jesus who said that whoever loses their life for my sake. Find it. Jesus you said that this is the way 2 I don't think eternal life but life to the full Abundant Life that she has to offer if we give up that other path.

It's your choice.

but even though There's not a lot about Jesus. That looks attractive. He's God's choice. Just like David was God's choice.

I promise you. He is the only one. Who can deliver?

Don't let your attraction. The things that you're attracted to be your downfall.

passed judgement on your judgement trust in God follow Jesus

because even though his path is in there away. It is the only way relates to life

Will you pray with me?

Father I thank you so much.

For the story of Dave. I thank you for Jesus. After the choice that you have placed before us. Heavenly Father help us to walk with him.

To serve him to love him and to love one another God help us.

To walk on that path. We can only do it by the power of your spirit.

Help us to see that we are not the best judges of what we need.

Help us to see that your way. the only way

you call us to these things not because you don't want us to have fun. You don't want us to have a good life God you want us to have a good life you want us to experience?

What is better, you want to redeem our bad choices? You can do that father when we look to you when we trust in you. There's anyone here who does not know that.

How would you cut would you help them to come to a knowledge of the truth of Jesus if there's anyone here who was forgotten who's been living for themselves guy? Would you show them? What it means to live for you.

Would you help us as Christians to take the road is Less Traveled? The road that leads to you. In Jesus name I pray. Would you stand with me Church?

Going to have one more song and be dismissed if you're here today and you need prayer for anything. I encourage you to come forward if you're here and you don't know what it is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you don't know what that's like I encourage you to come forward or talk to somebody after the class the elders and I will be here to receive you. I do want to make mention we forgot to announce. Jacob green actually went to the hospital yesterday and had his appendix removed as he come home yet have is anybody here? They haven't released him yet. So he still there, but he should should come home today. Hopefully but definitely want to keep him in your prayers as well. Another is a lot going on and I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend Summers here. Very excited. I love you church. It's good to see you all here. May the Lord bless and keep you.

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