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We will be focusing on verse 5 this morning.
Context: Paul introduces himself.
A Slave of Jesus Christ
Called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ
Separated unto the Gospel of God
He then expounds on this gospel of God because this gospel is why he writes this letter.
He has been called to be an apostle which means messenger, this gospel is his message, it’s why he writes to a church that he doesn’t know to people he doesn’t know.
He writes to deliver this gospel.
This is God’s gospel
It was promised in the scriptures
it concerns His Son Jesus Christ who was
made of the seed of david according to the flesh
declared to be the Son of God with power according to the spirit of holiness by the resurrection from the dead.
This is the good news of God and now we see the application of this Gospel in verse 5 which Paul calls grace
Power of Grace
What is “Grace”?
it’s one of those words which can mean different thing depending on the usage and context.
But what is biblical grace, particularly when used in the context of the gospel.
It’s important for us to understand this word for us to understand Romans because it is the theme os this letter as it is contrasted with the law.
We are not under the law, Paul tell us but we are under grace.
Probably the best definition as it relates to the gospel is that grace is undeserved kindness.
So the first thing that we learn about grace and we will see this time and time again throughout this book is that grace is not earned
It is according to the election of grace.
It cannot be earned otherwise it’s by works and then it would no longer be grace.
The channel by which we receive this grace is faith.
This is the undeserved kindness of God which he bestows upon us through the conduit of faith which itself is a gift from God so that there is no me in it.
Nothing that I can boast in it is all glory to God.
This is the power of Grace next we see the...
Product of Grace
So it is by Jesus Christ who is the substance of the gospel which Paul receives this grace and apostleship.
So not only is this grace the means of salvation it is also the power behind his apostleship.
So Paul recognises here that his calling and ministry is also not his work and not something in which he can boast it is the undeserved kindness of God as well.
Some people seem to think that their ministry is the greatest gift God could ever receive.
Paul understood that the ministry of preaching the gospel was actually a grace that had been given unto him.
It is Gods grace that he should preach.
Now God gave him the gift of apostleship for the purpose of obedience of faith or as it is rendered in the KJV obedience to the faith among all nations.
First we notice that the message of the gospel is for all nations.
As Christ said “go ye unto all the world and preach the gospel”.
We cannot be selective in who we preach the gospel to it is for all nations.
Every race, every people, no mater how poor or rich, no matter their political views or sexual ordination.
All people everywhere need the gospel.
And God’s grace can reach any person no matter where they are at.
Don’t try and change people before you give them the gospel.
The gospel is the only power to change anyone.
It is the Grace of God that will produce obedience to the faith.
This brings us to this phrase which is rendered in the KJV as obedience to the faith.
however, the literal translation of the greek would be “for obedience of faith among all the nations” So this phrase has a few different possibilities.
It could be the obedience which is faith, in that faith is the substance of the obedience.
Or it could be the obedience which results from faith.
So that we are saved by grace through faith which produces obedience to Christ.
Really either of these are true biblical because.
But, to me the latter seems to fit the context better.
So them Paul has received this grace and apostleship for the obedience of faith among all nations.
This is not a dead faith but a living faith that produces and obedient heart.
You see, it is imposable to accept Christ as Saviour without surrendering to Him as Lord.
So the Product of Grace is obedience.
This brings us to the...
Purpose of Grace
The purpose of Grace comes down to these last three words “for His name” The goal of this grace is the glory of Jesus Christ.
At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
John Stott puts it this way in his book The Message of Romans
“The highest of all missionary motives is neither obedience to the Great Commission (important as that is), nor love for sinners who are alienated and perishing (strong as that incentive is, especially when we contemplate the wrath of God, verse 18), but rather zeal—burning and passionate zeal—for the glory of Jesus Christ.”
Stott, J. R. W. (2001).
The message of Romans: God’s good news for the world (p.
Leicester, England; Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.
There is no great goal for the preaching of the gospel than that the name of Jesus Christ be glorified.
This is the ultimate purpose of God’s grace.
Some may think that thats pretty selfish of God. that all the grace he gives is for the proclamation and glorification of the name of Christ.
The Bible teaches us that there is no other name under heaven by which people can be saved.
If God chose that the name of Jesus Christ should not be glorified then no one would be saved, we would all perish in our sins.
The proclamation and glorification of the name of Jesus is not God being selfish it is the manifestation of the love of God for us.
The name of Jesus is the hope of mankind.
God loves you with an everlasting love as so by His grace He calls sends and empowers messengers like Paul and Millions of others to preach the good news of God which was promised in the scriptures and is about Jesus Christ His Son who was born as a man, of the seed of David and was declared to be the Son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead, making the grace of God available to all nations unto the obedience of faith and for the further praise and glory of the name of Jesus.
The Grace of God is offered to you but it can only come to you through faith.
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