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Thank you everybody. Go set up for me. Delight my projector Yeah, that's gravity for you. Does that is this for the things so tonight is a special night. It's senior Summit which some of y'all know what that means if you haven't signed in where to get past this around on that about to go in a second. There's some 5th graders who are anxiously looking forward to being in the youth group. And so when we are about to have Allison

This is about to be the first experience they have is being part of the youth group. So we're going to do is the same thing we've done for the past. I think at least 2 years were the lineup make like a spirit on what kind of deal for him and the front door and we're going to go crazy excited for him as they come in. Ya to go back to the door or do I just wait just wait just wait just wait for y'all. Seriously. Think about this moment. They're probably they're intimidated by you guys all like twice their size and are way cooler than they are because they're awkward and they're better than 6th grade. Sorry 6th graders. Y'all almost done with that though. And so this is seriously a huge moment for y'all. We all can really start this relationship with him on a good note. So take this seriously. Y'all don't be negative and we'll have fun. He's ready to go. Dude, are you ready to go some music? I'd say like some yeah not gay music playlist do like one of the Family Force 5 songs would be good. Alright, let's go lineup.

What time does sprinkler blowout?

Read out all the way out here.

Call Premier insurance.

50/50 contract

Well that was exciting this side first six rows grab a seat for me.

Play I like that Shannon. Good job guys. I was cool.

Well how everybody 6th graders welcome. We're glad y'all are here.

Hey, so I want to talk to somebody all real quick. What's the other mostly right here? There's a few others throughout the room, but tell everybody your name and I want to hear what are you most excited about concerning these. What what about these terms is most exciting for you will see Welcome, Lucy.

a Mike's dying

Audrey to have fun

Sahara doesn't have a name. Will come back to you. This is a struggle. All right. Hey, by the way, make sure you have your sign it as a sign in yet. Are you here already going to be in? All right, Aaron? Oh my God. Oh my God going to answer into.

What's your name?

Yeah, please your name.

La Quinta Inn, and what are you most excited about?

Almost everyone's name. Yeah, we'll get an answer. Tell me your name.

Let's see who else down here. y'all all right, past it down. This is Chan Lee bubble games.

no learning more

Find more about. God bless my name last name regular milk. I guess I've gotten so far any other 5th graders 6th graders. We all are six graders anybody about to be in sixth grade like the fifth grade group.

Anybody or not show anything yet?

Turn off firewall on your names all pretty soon.

Yes. Hey, you got something by David? More games more games. Okay. That's fair. I like it. Let's go do some announcements real quick. I don't know her first husband is what we have.

Yeah, that's fair Wild Kratts. Go over the rules. We don't have a lot of rules here. Just really it comes down to respect. What would Jake just said respect people were respect stuff if anybody's talking whether it's me or somebody else like like these these new 6th graders that are talking we're supposed to be listening and respecting stuff. Like I've already heard tonight, make sure I'll put y'all's trash away because that is respecting this building and this property which is not y'all's.

That's true story breaking some rules tonight.

So Hey, it's okay. I'll just worry about yourselves and if all those rules so your phone's you need your phone tonight. Whatever you're in here. You don't need it. If you do will let you know and if an adult sees you with your phone, they're going to take it up. What else we got. What is a sign in sheet going around where to get to the still going? All right, let that keep on passing around a couple times make sure of a signs and there's no small group tonight. So just make sure names on that. What else should I don't know we're doing something right now. There are 31 days in the month of May and they're 31 chapters of the Book of Proverbs. I haven't texted you guys in about a week but every single day of the month when reading the chapter that goes with the day. So today is May 23rd. So what chapter do we read? Are you go? Nice? Good job. Yeah.

There forever in here until I graduate high school so welcome to the group by the way y'all so for one week if you're interested in that and you don't already have can't plans for the summer put your name on a list back there. I think you knew since writers. I don't think I can go this year, but I'll double-check put your name down anyway, and we'll figure that out. Okay, so yeah, y'all can't go sorry not this year, but next year you can if you're finishing 6 right now any other announcements?

All right. I want to play a game. It's the end of the school year and so it's time for some good ol yearbook quotes. So I was going to work. I want to do it some more know it or throw it in style. So I'm going to have somebody else see if you know the answer if you know it going to keep the candy. If you don't know what you got to throw it to somebody else.

Let's see. Alright Johnny come up here. I'm going to explain how it works with Junie. So go ahead show me the next slide Duke.

So what you have right now, the first thing everybody will get this is what I'll pick somebody is just a person's picture and a start of a quote and then what they'll get through. The next one is multiple choice. And so Emily Elkins. She says I am so much cooler than blank. What do you think? The answer is says be online. The answer is online. There's a good job. Yeah, excellent way to start all this games and who else wants to go to try go to the next one? Here's your question who thinks I know this one. Is Jason avina one time I ate. Alright, so, let's see.


And your hustle? Jason of Vienna. What was this kid eat? Here's some candy. If you know, it's yours if you don't got through it. C is a c school lunch in the bathroom. It's a bagel. You got to throw it. Hey, what's going to get some game music going to do this quietly?

Alright, who's next Who's Next? All right, come on up. Here is your question. Michael Marciano Italian, right thanks to whs I learn to blank good. Is it rain good spell good or right good. What do you think? Spell spell the answer is right and there's so much wrong as anybody else not signed in yet.

Slender Man

alrighty Let's get some of the ladies Jesse Wright Josie lets you. Come on up.

You go. You know what? It's yours Sharon manthem, you're laughing because I'm laughing, but I'm laughing because She says you're laughing but really it's because I farted what's not me to clarify and fart.

nicely done Are his next let's see you let's see.

I cheated on what Roshon McGinnis. My way through kindergarten all my exams or on my girlfriend. Sorry, Carrie.

see it says sorry Carrie the answer is

Beyond all my exams got a throw a good technique good technique.

Let's see. Let's see. Let's see.

All right there come on up.

There you go. There's some candy for you carry burned and the only reason I went to school all this time. It's just wrap myself in the fact that I'll never a b or c.

See she says see the answer is it's a good job. It's all yours. Nicely done. Yeah, this is so crooked. It's throwing me off. All righty, David. Come on up.

Jill Malone, I don't like it when people call me a dumb blonde. It really makes me angry gets on my pet peeves or is racist a b or c.

Hey, he said that makes me angry. Sorry got to throw it cuz I totally gets on her pet peeves. That's just strange pet p. Okay, let's let's see how I made a couple more about blah blah blah.

All right.

There is an summer name again.

Sorry. Hey, by the way, let me give you all ahead on how I pick people whoever is quiet and raising their hands. I usually the ones I'm picking. Let's get you some candy. So you go alright will power rods blank completely blank. What do you think? See, she says c patch things up with others before it's too late. It's a Who always keep one on the ladies man? That guy probably wasn't very good in class that it was always, you know watching. Okay, we got anymore more.

Mesa come on up.

You got a quick question. hunting Ganga

he says see I was like

The last one last one. All right Gracie. Come on up.

What is Malia's best quotes for a yearbook?

See him know that the answer is a throw it laying down some John Cena. That's all we had for those. But thanks for playing y'all. Did You Know It

All right. I meant to do some announcements ready that I'm so we're good. Hey, what's up settle down for second where to play another game in the second actually the first Do you want to take that music app for me?

I wanted to talk a little bit about what the youth group is all about. I know that y'all are excited to be here and we're excited that y'all are here too. And really that I'm talking to all of y'all not just in the sixth graders, but everybody in here even the seniors are graduating.

I asked you guys you know, why what are you excited about? There's a lot of good stuff that we do weather is the games whether it's small groups hanging out going to movies going to Six Flags, you know, whatever it is. We do at Winter Fest, but I want us to think about the big picture. Why don't we do this? What is a whole point of this youth group thing that youth ministry is all about connecting you guys to God. I want every single one of you to grow in your relationship with God. That's why we do this. Okay and everybody in this room the adults people sit next to you. I think we're all here for the same reason I ask because we care for you, even the people sitting next you serious like your classmates if they're pay attention to their being good. They're trying to help you grow too. And so hopefully that's why we're all here is the Kinect y'all to God and help us build a better relationship with him. Now long the way y'all are going to have fun and y'all are going to get to know each other a lot better place, hopefully, but ultimately the whole purpose of this is for us to grow closer to God. I'm out of breath music. Okay, there's something you should know about our youth group. This is a good reminder for everybody. But our youth ministry kind of has a theme and it's this idea of climb 1 explain that it's kind of strange because this is East Texas and not a lot of mountains out here, right? But I want us to think about what amount is and what it takes to climb a mountain. I know usually again, but never climbed a mountain before just imagine with me climbing a mountain takes work is not easy. It takes some effort to take some training and usually is not just one uphill mountain or one uphill moment. Usually climbing up to the top of like a series of like mountain ridges. It involves. I'm going up and going down and going up and going down cuz that's what life is like right there. It has some really good Top Mountain Top experiences. I just got some really bad like deep in the valley moments. And so I think this idea of climbing a mountain as a perfect image of what our relationship with God is sometimes like it's got some up some down. In Sabattus our spiritual life, so and also another thing. If you look in the Bible mountains have a very important like role in the Bible. There's some crazy cool things that happen on the side of a mountain on a mountain. For example, there are the Ten Commandments were given to Moses on a Mountainside Jesus preaches the Sermon on the Mount one of his most powerful lessons. He taught

I got to get some rest. Anyway, I'm so out of breath y'all. Okay. On a mountain Jesus Transfiguration when he showed his closest disciples what he really look like and how you was glowing with white and has his pure Heavenly form of the crazy cool moment. We'll talk about it later if you'd heard it before so all throughout the Bible guys. God have used mountains as a place where people Encounter of God and so that's kind of this thing that we would only talk about all that often. But just in the back of our heads with our youth ministry and every Wednesday night, we do this thing called Summit. We can always call it by that name because it's kind of lame to be like are you going to Summit but you know I'm saying and it's this idea. It's continuing that seem So Summit actually means two different things one definition of summit. Is this the highest point on a mountain that's like the top that's the highest peak. It's it's the point at the top of the mountain another way that the map that some of those uses it is this Gathering of leaders everything of Life your phone like the news sometimes the president goes to this, you know, G20 or G8 Summit and it's all these different world leaders gathering together to make some like World altering decisions and so a summit is a gathering of leaders. And so what we do every once and I think it's both of those I hope that it's the Highlight the high point of your week and also hope that that it's a gathering of leaders where we're gathering together. We're learning something about God's word and y'all are going out to change your school's change your family's change your friend groups and y'all are making a difference. So that is what Summit is all about. It's those two things. So whether that's the first time you've heard that before y'all heard it like 40 times by now. I hope you guys know that and hope that you're excited about it, but I'm really glad you're here and I'll say it again. 26 graders welcome works out of Jar here has to be a crazy fun ride. Look around the people next you go and look around. Everybody have a look around person around you. Yeah. These are all you're used to your buddies. Hopefully I'll get to know him a lot more done pretty well, but I will be your friend at school. So we're really really glad that you're here.

When it's been a couple moments now, it's been sometime singing and worship. And then after that we're going to hear from our seniors one last time, but if you want I'm going to pray and then we're going to stand up and visit. I'm worshiping osprey. Dear Lord, thank you for this time and place God help us to focus on you these next few minutes and got to pray that you give us some wisdom from the seniors tonight. And I pray that were prepared for the summer in the next school year price only pray. Amen stand up. Y'all stay quiet as far as don't be distracted by the person next to you. And for those you know, this is knew there was going to be music. Hey Allison,

There's going to be some music playing so that y'all going to learn the parts that sing. That doesn't mean you don't have to sing. I want to hear y'all sing out. So y'all follow the words on the screen is best you. Can I just speak English to retry?

Send a text message to Charlie boys.


Are the days of your Sudafed at 10. The delivery Chinese like some PAW Patrol for you to call Jim to Salvation. There's no God like Jehovah. There's no God like Jehovah. There's no God like Jehovah. There's no God like Jehovah. There's no God like Jehovah. There's no God like Jehovah. There's no God like there's no God like Jehovah. There's no God like There's no God like Jehovah. There's no God like Jehovah. There's no God like Jehovah.

Show alarms.

Aston Township





Alright, I'll cancel down for me.

All right, let's get our seniors are graduates. Come on up here to stage with me. I think there's four of them. Y'all pass, right? To get so we're going to have a little chat with these guys. So you can hang on to it for now. You can pass it on to somebody. Hi. How's everybody doing? Good. Okay, so This is the first time I've done this this way. Usually we just have the seniors going to give us some wisdom and it's kind of awkward because they're just like I like the youth group is fine. And that's it. So this time I want you to make a lil more meaningful. These guys are great photos. We awesome first. We got a little game for you guys. It's the senior exam will stress test Jones interview as we go first question are very there are approximately blank graduates in the United States class of 2016. Give your best shot. I got to go with the SSD.

Hey, it's D. Very nice. Hey, and y'all y'all come y'all out some answers see if y'all can teach them something. Alright Lucas. Here you go. What does SAT stand for?

I love you, too.

I don't know the differences but you know Dee he says be the answer is it's easy as I thought it was aptitude. Alright Nick. Here's your question name the movie based on this plot line. I'm in preparations for a basketball championship and a graduation to high school sweethearts training sweethearts vow to savor every moment of their senior year knowing the college plans put the future of the relationship for the future.

High School Musical are you sure? Yes. All right. Number two Story number 3. Sorry, it was it was I mean if so, what are the same thing for you?

What is the name of the song that is played while seniors March into commencement?

He says she answer is Pomp and Circumstance. Wish I was calling pump and circumference. I don't know why I just weird thing we did. Okay. Yeah, I got one. Hey, you know what? Let's do we change it up going to go back this way.

Who did not graduate high school Ashton Kutcher Ashton? Who's Seth started somebody?

I don't know that so you're good to go. Throw you throw.

I guess it's probably why I write. All right Lucas at age 18 you are blank hours old. This is way more mad that I know how to do. This is a it's B. Man, I need to go back to some school, I guess candy. Yeah, let's see. What do you want anything?

How's the weather today? Alright, Nick? Here's your question. When and where did the tradition of graduates throwing their caps in the air originates there your choices?

I'm going with. a he says a

Did Wild West is out of college? That's okay.

Yeah, you would think so, right it is kind of confusing. Hey, I'll give you two. You got none. Sorry, man. Child has been spoiled rich kid all his life. His father becomes Fed Up.

Billy Madison Billy Madison like to Freight tell me that two or three for a right. All right.

Going on another one. Here you go. How old was the youngest person to ever graduate high school? I forgot to go with 8. Where exactly are 8-8 DH he says, it's 66 candy toss.

Lucas when you go in there, too. I'm going to keep this it's alright. We have two more. Okay did not graduate high school. Walt Disney Walt Disney Walt Disney

Is Walt Disney nicely done? Here we go.

What's going on the next one? Here you go, Nick. Yeah, this is a tiebreaker. So you know what? Sorry, Nick, yo, I want to hear you. All of y'all's best. Guess as you can have that one. So y'all be thinking about your best guess is it is in a nationwide survey blank was the average amount spent on graduation parties. I'll give you a big ol handful.

On one graduation party. Yeah, what are the average family spend I guess 5555 was I first of all how much do like someone's parent spend on their kid graduation party 65000 606-6500 I want to be invited as graduation party.

I'd say about

972 and even Grand all right. Imma, go with 970-1971.

185 Maybe I got a great 1500 at 972 is 1315 nicely done. I don't know why I was lame. Sorry. What are you doing? I should just keep throwing candy at you all night. Good job.

Hey, yeah. So, what's your address and party with your graduation party?

All is good. Just got a mic.

We might we'll see. Alright, so they all quiet down. You there? Okay.

That's too much candy or something. Alright, so what I hear from you guys some days are harder questions at first, but what is looking back on your 7 7 years or so being in the youth group or being of youth group age? What is your favorite youth group memory? Whoever's got an answer. Just take it away. We were all your fires.

This is like everybody's favorite story Winterfest. We had a break and we stole the church van and drove to or without. We drove around the parking lot twice and so never trust him with your keys. They don't know if nobody knows about it until right now. Well, it's great. Great guys are our second favorite story. We're all just sleeping at 9:30 and its 9 and Rick's is banging on the door and we just totally ignored him the whole time. Alright, that's cool. I'll come by. We got our own parents memories. Haven Body memories together. That's awesome. Are you getting girls at Winterfest? This kid was a pro like he got a routine down is pretty sweet group.

Feel like it want to do it.

I got one either Winterfest going. Winterfest and probably Battle of the youth groups

Ultimate Frisbee showdown at the popular football field

the Chili Bowl

I got to go to the Winter Fest helps you grow closer to God and your time in the youth group. What is helps? You grow closer to God?

Probably go into the Bible says It remix on Sunday or every other Sunday that helps a lot. So I recommend that to y'all.

I got to say teaching all y'all Hooligans every Wednesday.

Small groups and the text message group chats. It's a good one. Football fields have like group meetings and then those text things. Will get stuff. So since y'all are like seniors graduate, you got all this wisdom inside. I just know it so we want to hear some good old nugget of wisdom from you guys. So I want to hear about life in general like some like PacSun live or Pro tips that you want to teach these kids anything that's appropriate for church and then some nuggets of wisdom about growing closer to God, but first, let's talk about just life in general. So what are some nuggets of wisdom whether it's like the best show to stream on Netflix, so I don't know something that you think would be good to pass on. I'm really worried about them out of Mike right now.

Not talking while we're trying to teach them right there. I like it.

Repeat the question. The question is share with us a nugget of wisdom about life.

participating a lot participate in everything participate participate

Go to Winter Fest this weekend one and watch the office so you can make office jokes with all your friends.

acceptable answer

and this is y'all just give me brought to like so don't deal with it it just church. So any kind of Life wasn't going to give them.

Hey, it's back. probably you need to stay in school.


Yeah, when you're in school listen and actually want to learn and when you come to church, just treat that same as school want to learn about something. from

I don't have much but just live life. Hangout Yeah, I hang out with good people around chef with the best how people there isn't even a few things to be cool to be around certain people then it's really not because they're there for the same on you is terrible and you can have a better influence on them or you have other people influencing you good. Pay attention and whatever you're doing and take advanced classes so I can help you out with college and all that good stuff. Oh and play as many sports are getting involved at school like with band or anyting cuz it will help with ya tennis not so much. But whatever you want to do go for it and don't let anybody stop you.

If you're not to let X, you know where this comes from.

and everything you do to make it somebody proud of you making someone disappointed so And everything everything you do to make a somebody proud of you making somebody disappointed to do your best in everything you do.

So next question that was nuggets about life now on here nuggets of wisdom about growing closer to God. What's going on? I'll get back there. So give me your your nuggets of wisdom about growing closer to God. What are the things that have helped you your whole life that you think they need to know right now? Mainly like the type of music you listen to it may not seem like a big thing. But if you focused on like Christian music or something like stay away from all the music that cusses then it will actually bring you closer than you think to God.

I'd say attend anything that Rick has to offer as in at his house or up here or is it just a youth event and try to go to Camp Deer Run? Just to try to go can't be wrong. If you can they're always having fun raise up here. So it's a good thing to get into and it's a good place to be out there way from everything.

Go to Camp Deer Run. There's people from all around the country there Hawaii, New Jersey new revised there, you know worshipping God. And what Nick said that whatever rig does is not he's not just doing it because it's his job. It's for y'all. So I go I did go and I'm charging encouraging y'all to go to is it really had a big impact on my life?

I know it sounds cheesy.

It's something that's pretty hard to do something at super simple. Whatever reason it's very hard for me to do.

Just got to get into the word and free to try to read your Bible at least once every day wasn't for you to get rid of flies.

And it just keeps on going on. Alright?

So we're proud of you guys. Like seriously. I've only known you guys were past three years, but I've seen each of you grow up and tremendous ways. And so we're proud of y'all. It's incredible. I mean something really stupid. Like I'm proud of you guys made it this far but we didn't think any of y'all are going to fail High School course, but it doesn't surprise you cuz there's a lot of God has in store for you. Is there anything else that you guys want to say to you soon? So you'll have your minds I think we kind of covered a lot, but I want to say real quick.

I don't know. I think we're good.

Lego Michael have a chance Hey, are y'all stay there? I want to pray for you guys real quick. And then I will let y'all sit down and we'll talk some more. What's for guys.

God we're so thankful for the seniors on the stage God. Thank you for Jackson and Nick Lucas and Matthew and just the way that they blessed our group father. We know that you got some incredible things in store for them. And I pray that at this time in our lives as they're moving away from high school and then getting some Independence haven't had before help him to continue to make good decisions and good choices and helping to lead others and the way that I live I got to get where they feel for the time that they've had to be part of our church part of this youth group. We know they're always been a part of our church family. The guy that also always be part of your church no matter where they are that they're Christians everywhere who are their brothers and sisters so follow we're thankful for them. And I pray that encourage them as they go to Christ name we pray. Amen. All right. Y'all can get off the stage. Thank you. I'll get one more round of applause for our seniors.

So it's kind of a laid-back night, but I just wanted to share a couple more things with you guys while we're together.

This is an interesting night part of life and life is all about transitions. There is never things that stay the same for that long. And that's another thing that you know, I see in tonight is another night where we say goodbye to our seniors and we welcome in a new group. And so I look forward to this night every single year because it it's as great as exciting was also bittersweet because in a few weeks those guys and then Kenzie and Elizabeth and Miguel other folks. They won't be with us as much as one more in there. Anyway, I'm freaking somebody

Maybe anyway, but so this is a Bittersweet night were saying about it then but we are glad that y'all 6th graders with us. So this is another important time of transition and like I said with the seniors and I'm proud of them, but I'm proud of all of y'all I do see you guys growing and those of you who are just joining us. I'm excited to see how y'all continue to grow. I know that y'all are here because you want to be here cuz seriously, I'll have the choice to come in. So I hope that's why I come down here because you want to be in y'all are here because you want to grow closer to God because that's why we do this and so I'm excited and proud of y'all for being here, but I don't want us to forget. Why were here that's why I said earlier tonight that we're here to grow closer to God and just because the school year is pretty much done. That is amazing. What we do here is done. Y'all can still come on Wednesday nights are the summer y'all can still come on Sunday morning, cuz they're still give me more things that we do to help us all grow closer to God y'all don't be strangers stay in touch. Keep coming. When I tell you real quick, why were not here? I don't think we're here just to be with friends. I mean, I'm glad that we all have friends here. I don't think y'all are here for this awesome youth Minister because I'm not that awesome like I'm fine, but I'm not like the coolest youth Minister ever. You're not here for me. And I don't think you're here for the games was I hope you're not here for the games fun is different cuz we have fun doing other stuff too. But I hope that you guys are here to grow closer to God that is that is a thing that I think should be keeping us all going. I want to look at a passage of scripture real quick that I think it's a plus Paul talking in Colossians. This is one of his prayer prayers for the church at colossae. And so listen to these words and these are my prayer for y'all as well.

Does be assured that from the first day we heard of you we haven't stopped praying for you asking God to give you wise minds and Spirits a tune to his will and so acquire a thorough understanding of the ways in which God works. We pray that you'll live well for the master making him proud of you as you work hard in his Orchard as you learn more and more on as you learn more and more how God works. You will learn how to do your work. We pray that you'll have the strength to stick it out over the Long Haul not the Grim strength of gritting your teeth with the glory strength. God gives you the strength that endures the unendurable and Spills over into Joy. Ranking of father who makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for us. So guys, I hope that you guys take that passes seriously and that y'all are y'all are growing and that y'all are learning what God's will is learning the things that God wants you to do because I don't believe that that idea of growing closer to God is just something for adults. There's a God is the reason I'm here is because I take y'all seriously. I know what you're capable of. I know that even though y'all are y'all are teenagers. We don't really know how to act who you are and all those things that God can still use you. Like I said little awkward and so I'm really excited about all that we're doing and I'm excited about y'all being part of this group. And so my prayer like that. Passages that Paul said is I hope that you guys are growing and I hope that y'all are seeing what God is up to I can say a lot more but I'll stop there for now.

I want to close out tonight with one more song. So let's go ahead and stand up and let's sing one last song together. Let's go ahead and spread out throughout the room. So don't be around anybody else but spread out stretch out. Got to spread out.

Before you leave y'all listening. Junior High boys all the Junior High boys, if you're going to the high school, that's fine too before you leave this building. I want to talk to everyone all the boys up here in the front row. Okay, so do not leave until you come up here. Alright, we're going to have a little group session. I got a few things. I want to share with you real quick before we dismiss completely, okay.

Are everybody spread out and don't be distracted by anybody else around you and y'all let's sing out this last song.

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