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Obadiah (2)

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Destruction Determined

Human author of the vision: Obadiah(1a)
Divine Origin of the announcement: Thus says the Lord God. & We have heard a report from the Lord. (1b) (1d)
a. The Hebrew word used for our English translation of Lord God is a combination of… Adon and Yahw. The emphasis of them being used together in this verse shows us the specific way in which the God of Israel is personally identifying Himself. Yahw was the name God used to identify Himself to Israel through Moses, and Adon simply means the authoritative master of Israel. God is leaving no room for confusion as to whom the origin of this announcement is coming from.
Recipient of the announcement: concerning Edom (1c)
a. Who are the “we”?
i. Obadiah along with the original hearers of the pledge from God. ie. the other refugees from Judah who had been ruined and displaced.
ii. Jeremiah 49:14-16 Jeremiah along with other prophets gave messages of destruction to Edom.
iii. The inclusion of other nations that will unify against Edom.
Nature of the announcement: Nations summonsed against Edom for battle (1e) It is a battle cry. It is a call to arms. The surrounding nations of Edom are being summonsed to come against her.
Summery Statement: Obadiah is announcing the destruction of Edom as determined by the Lord God. How will He accomplish this? Through raising up nations against her.

Destruction Described

1. Source of destruction: “I” the Lord. (2a)
2. Described as being made small among the nations (2a)
a. The Lord will cause them to be given over to scorn and little importance and influence.
3. Described as being utterly despised. (2b)
a. Just like Esau despised his birthright.Gen 25:29-34
b. In the same way that He despised his birthright, in that he took his inheritance lightly, he treated his position in his family with contempt and disdain, so now his decedents are going to be despised. We may well say that Esau traded his rights and privileges of being born first, for a bowl of soup. How often are we tempted to trade our eternal rights and privileges of being born again for the temporary pleasures of a bowl of sin soup, that is pleasurable for a season but ends in death?
4. Described as a result of the pride of their heart. (3a) Their own pride has cheated them. They are self-deceived. They caused themselves to entertain and believe a false hope.

a. How had their pride deceived them?

i. A misplaced sense of security (3b) The Edomites lived in the fortress of what is known as modern day Petra. (Picture?) they believed they were fortified and could defend themselves against any enemy. They believed their castle was impenetrable. However, they they had not considered the Lord God as an enemy.
ii. A misplaced sense of self (3c) “”Who say in your heart.. who will bring me down to the ground?” In the same way that the Lord God is speaking to them so they have spoken to themselves. They had made commands for their own to their hearts and are trusting in there own deceptive words. This is an expression of self-glory. Their pride had muffled their ears to a word of truth, their pride had clouded their vision from seeing reality correctly, their pride had fogged up their minds to think truthfully.
iii. A misplaced sense of sovereignty (4a) They were in fact soaring like eagles and nesting in the stars. Figuratively they had everything necessary to be a mighty nation. However, Pride is a dark, deceptive, and deadly grave of independence and self assurance. They were trusting in their own power, authority and kingdom. Their pride had deceived them to believe they were their own sovereign.
Transition: But.. it was from that lofting position that they were going to come falling down.

Destruction Declared

1. “I will bring you down, declares the Lord. (4c)
a. If there were any doubts as to whom was going to be responsible for their destruction Edom has now been thoroughly informed it is the Lord God. The only true Sovereign One.
Transition: Illustration of the downward spiral of pride. As certain as is the pull of gravitational force against an object so too will the proud be brought low by the Lord. Drop an object on the floor. How does our pride deceive us? How might the truth declared to Edom help to warn us against our own pride? The reality is that in whatever shape or form that it proves to show itself we all are fighting the sin of pride. It may be clearly visible high pride that brags and boasts of self achievements. Or it may be low pride that secretly tries to push aside God’s grace in order to gain the appearance of humility. By way of application I offer a question from CJ Mahaney’s little book, “Humility:True Greatness.”

How can we weaken pride and cultivate humility?

Run to the Cross: Personal pride
True conversion: Our pride must receive a striking blow. Conversion is not a human affirming, self help promoting, invitation to Jesus to participate in my depraved life. Rather, conversion is a God glorifying, self denying surrender to Jesus who alone has sufficiently sacrificed His perfect life in substitution of our depraved spiritual deadness. True conversion brings about an identity change at the core of our being that produces fruit of the righteousness of Christ. This is why Jesus said we must be born again. This means that by the grace of God we are invited to the cross where we humble ourselves by turning from pride and trusting in Jesus alone for new life. I am I truly converted?
Continued confession: Our pride receives a striking blow when we are converted, but soon after we realize that the old man or woman is surly not dead. However, according to Romans 6 we understand that the bonds of sin, the power of sin over us has been broken. As those who are in Christ we do not have to yield to our flesh anymore. And so running to the cross is like the Scriptures say in I Peter 2:24-25
1 Peter 2:24–25 ESV
He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed. For you were straying like sheep, but have now returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.
Pride is sin that we continue to die to and through the power of the Holy Spirit, fight against. In order to cultivate humility we must consistently, continually, repeatedly, run to the cross. When we are tempted to raise our heads in self assurance, self- security, or self-sovereignty the Holy Spirit mercifully disciplines us and takes us back to the cross. How do we run to the cross? Consistent Bible reading and prayer. Consistent conversations with other believers. Consistent listening to the preached word. Consistent participation in the Lord’s supper.

How can we weaken pride and cultivate humility?

Transition: Conversion identifies us as citizens of the kingdom of heaven. When we are born again we are born into new kingdom with a new king and we become ambassadors for with a new kingdom agenda. This leads me to a final application and answer to our question of weakening pride cultivating humility. As citizens of heaven we should be very cautious of nationalistic pride. Said another way being a Christian should make us wise stewards of our earthly citizenship, but being American doesn't make us Christian.
2. Nationalistic Pride
Example: The nationalistic pride and a misplaced since of security. The follower of Christ who is also an American would be well reminded to hold reverence for their heavenly citizenship than our earthly citizenship. See article from IX Marks Johnathan Leeman “The churches most powerful political word:The gospel”
I suggest that when the church has confused her first loyalties she has also been made anemic to speak into and evoke change on a national scale. When our King has told us that we are the light of the world and a city on a hill cannot be hidden, but we have proudly covered that kingdom agenda with the basket of misplaced trust we should not be surprised at the darkness. Our nationalistic idolatry has emasculated our gospel influence. We have traded the eternal delights of the heavenly kingdom for a temporary bowl of earthly kingdom stew. And in doing so we have seen generations of downward spiral and national demise.
It is vitally important to consider this application today because no doubt many of us, myself especially, have proudly laid over my shoulders the American dream all the while ignoring many of the clear mandates Jesus has spoken to His kingdom citizens. warning of so separating my heavenly citizenship from my earthly citizenship is an impossibility. I've been guilty of apathetically ignoring my responsibilities as an American Citizen. I have not realized that my first allegiance to King Jesus will make me wise for my stewardship to earthly kingdoms. Jesus said in Matthew 6:33
Matthew 6:33 ESV
But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
I would ask that we as a body of Christ would begin to pray together in confession of nationalistic pride. That we would pray as the Lord instructed His people to pray in II Chronicles chapter 7:14 that when drought, famine, and pestilence comes upon the land… “That if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
We will never see Jesus’ name on an election ballet because he does not run for office. He is Lord and King and He will not share His throne, and the kingdom shall be the Lord’s.
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