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Opposing the King

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Matthew 12:1-45 - Pastor Eric Botzet

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Matt 12:1-45 “Opposing the King” • Sabbath points to Jesus & the rest he gives us from the impossible task of earning our salvation by good works BIG IDEA: Submission and surrender to King Jesus bring present & • God has been showing me this – can’t counterbalance eternal rest. • For many Jews in Jesus’ day, the Sabbath was a joyful festival, a reminder of God’s work of creation in 6 days 1) INTRO • JC is King/Creator/God of the Sabbath • Large passage today – a few people asked me “why?” this week • Context –11:16-18 last week 3) vv9-14 • Jesus brings freedom/rest from Pharisaism/Legalism…extra-biblical • This certainly doesn’t stop the opposition from the Pharisees…heal • JC direct opposition…not about following Law, but about authority • 1st century Jews talked a lot about what was permitted in caring for the sick on the Sabbath…though no OT text prohibits it 2) vv1-8 • But, Jesus came saying: it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath • Opposition &Sabbath • Sheep falling into a pit on the Sabbath • Disciples are gathering food on the Sabbath – who’s food?? • Should be much more concerned about people…in image of God! • Can’t just walk into Mountain View Bakery and graze! • Love for animals – dressing them up, sharing ice cream cone • Lev 19 & 23 with them – baby videos this past week • Jesus’ disciples are plucking grain & Pharisees are bent out of shape • We’re not cruel to animals, but people matter more • “They’re harvesting!”…forbidden…1 of 39 work • v12 – It’s lawful to do good on the Sabbath • Couldn’t reap/harvest, sew, plow, put out a fire, light a fire, wash wool, knead, bake, carry a possession 4) vv15-21 • Sabbath was pain in the neck…tiring • Jesus withdraws, people follow, & he ministers • 1st, JC appeals to David – 12 loaves • Keep quiet & not bring premature opposition – crucifixion • 2nd, JC appeals to fact that priests work on the Sabbath – like pastors • These vv quote Isa 42:1-4 to show that this prophecy is fulfilled in JC • Their work doesn’t condemn them…guiltless”/innocent (v5) • He’s the suffering servant Isaiah spoke of…opposition fulfilled • Something greater than the temple is here – JC & kingdom • Contrast of hatred of Pharisees w/ calm, gentle, merciful Jesus • God’s kingdom is one of mercy/compassion • Servant-King – Lord & Savior – laid down life for us • v7 – “I desire mercy and not sacrifice” - Hosea 6:6 • Willingly came to bring hope to the hopeless…to us • We saw this in Matthew 9:13 • Stinging rebuke…then and now/here • Didn’t even focus on heart of the Law 5) vv22-32 • Missed the message of God’s mercy, patience in OT • Continued opposition…accusations that he’s of the devil • This is shown in Hosea’s marriage to Gomer • Jesus heals this demon-possessed man and the crowds were amazed • Satisfying hunger’s more important than following • “Can this be the Son of David?” – the Messiah unwritten/extra-biblical Sabbath traditions • “You’re not gonna eat that, are you?” • JC’s disciples weren’t innocent b/c they were hungry, it was b/c • The Pharisees accuse JC of casting out demons by Beelzebul something greater than temple was present… the Lord of the Sabbath! • Divided homes & kingdoms can’t stand…civil wars • v27 – there were other Jewish exorcists – even Pharisees • v28 – the kingdom of God has come • v29 – Jesus has the power to bind the strong man, Satan 8) vv43-45 • vv30-32 – when Jesus is working, better be receptive and submissive • If we don’t submit to JC, we leave ourselves vulnerable • Otherwise, committing unforgivable sin of blasphemy of HS • Jesus shows us here that just simply getting rid of evil influences in • Terrifying verses in Bible our lives isn’t enough • This is to call the work of God’s Spirit the work of Satan • It involves a willful & decisive rejection of God himself, who 5) CONCL alone can bring repentance • The Pharisees struggled to submit to Jesus’ reign and rule • It’s having been shown all the evidence necessary to • Thy lived in submission to their own rules understand and believe in JC, but yet to reject Jesus • Who’s reign and rule do we submit to? • If we’ve been convicted of our sin by the HS and surrendered • Is JC the authority in our lives? to God’s working in us by confession, repentance, and belief in • Is the Bible the authority in our lives? the truth of God’s saving work in Jesus…then we’ve not • Is God the authority in our lives? committed the unforgivable sin • And, it’s uncomfortable to live in submission to Jesus and his Word • It’s even been said that if anyone anxiously fears they have sometimes committed the unforgivable sin, it shows by their concern that • Article they haven’t committed it • Which is opposite of the bitterness of Pharisees here 6) vv33-37 • When we’re living in surrender & submission to JC, bear good fruit • When bowed to King Jesus, our attitudes, actions, and speech • Words are important – give account for every word we’ve spoken • “Words, even carelessly spoken words, are eternally important. Scripture condemns verbal sins such as lies, gossip, or insults as severely as it condemns adultery and murder.” 7) vv38-42 • Kingdom of self still reigns in these scribes and Pharisees…they’re still unwilling to submit & surrender to JC • Opposition demands a sign • Even though they’ve seen many from JC • Jesus doesn’t do miracles on demand • But, JC does point to the most amazing sign ever • His resurrection from the dead • Pointing back to Jonah & Queen of the south • But, JC is here – and he’s greater
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