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2018-06-17: John

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Father’s Day
I. Me and We
Good Directives (Things our father tells us)
Dad Fails?
Crazy things dad did/said.
II. God
John 1:19 NRSV
This is the testimony given by John when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, “Who are you?”
The leaders heard about this strange man preaching in the desert. It was their responsibility to check it (him) out. They had a pretty simple question, “Who are you?” [that’s a good question to lead us. Who are we?]
A. Who John Wasn’t
John quickly set the record straight that he was not the Messiah. They had others who said they were the messiah and they would get a following and cause trouble. John told them, he was not that kind of leader.
They then asked him if he was Elijah because they believed Elijah would come before the Messiah, but again, he said now. Then, what about the prophet, again, he answered, no.
They continued to push and prod. They now knew who John said he wasn’t, but who was he.
B. Who John Was
John answered by saying he was a voice crying in the wilderness. He was quotting from ??? (Isaiah) His role was to prepare others. His role was to make the paths of the Lord straight.
They wondered, if he was none of the above, why was he baptizing. Why was he doing what he was doing.
- Pointing the way to Jesus
John was pointing to and toward Jesus. He indicated that Jesus was already on the scene, but they didn’t know him. His job, his role, was to make his path straight.
John recognized the greatness of Jesus and how the greatest thing he could do was point to one who was greater.
III. You and Us
Who are we? Who are you? It’s an important question. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we get confused. When we do, we forget our identity.
We, actually, are in the same place as John. Are we the ones who point to Jesus? Are we the ones who let others know that there is one greater than we are?
Are we seeking to create straight paths for Jesus to walk into someone’s life? To we help move people closer to Jesus, or do we, the way we act, the way we live, create obstacles.
Some of you may remember in the 80s all the televangelists. No matter where you stand on whether these folks were helpful for the gospel or not. I remember talking to some people who would point to this person or that person
The world Is watching. Whether we like it or not. Whether we think it is fair or not. The world is watching.
We know that even though we follow Jesus, we do not follow perfectly. From time to time we do not live up to what Jesus calls us, or even to our own expectations.
Nevertheless, we know some people are obstacles to making Jesus path straight. Others, however, others however through their love, compassion, joy, and peace, build roads that lead straight to Jesus.
Who are we? Perhaps for us a better question would be “Who do we want to be?” WHo do you want to be?
Jesus is one who embraces us in loves and helps us to create those paths so other s might find their way to him.
A. Pointing the Way
B. Making Straight Paths
C. Being used by Jesus
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