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Proverbs 10:28 NKJV
The hope of the righteous will be gladness, But the expectation of the wicked will perish.
Psalm 31:24 NKJV
Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the Lord.
Congratulations class of 2018. You have made it this far. Today you begin a new journey of your life. You leave your elementary and middle school years behind and you start a journey into high school. That is so rewarding but at the same time so challenging. You will be expected to do more with the time that you have. You will start to make decision for your adult life. At times your future can seem scary or adventurous. The question for tonight is what are you going to do when the future seems non-promising, fearful, and scary?
The school system in a large city had a program to help children keep up with their school work during stays in the city's hospitals. One day a teacher who was assigned to the program received a routine call asking her to visit a particular child. She took the child's name and room number and talked briefly with the child's regular class teacher. "We're studying nouns and adverbs in his class now," the regular teacher said, "and I'd be grateful if you could help him understand them so he doesn't fall too far behind." 
The hospital program teacher went to see the boy that afternoon. No one had mentioned to her that the boy had been badly burned and was in great pain. Upset at the sight of the boy, she stammered as she told him, "I've been sent by your school to help you with nouns and adverbs." When she left she felt she hadn't accomplished much. 
But the next day, a nurse asked her, "What did you do to that boy?" The teacher felt she must have done something wrong and began to apologize. "No, no," said the nurse. "You don't know what I mean. We've been worried about that little boy, but ever since yesterday, his whole attitude has changed. He's fighting back, responding to treatment. It's as though he's decided to live." 
Two weeks later the boy explained that he had completely given up hope until the teacher arrived. Everything changed when he came to a simple realization. He expressed it this way: "They wouldn't send a teacher to work on nouns and adverbs with a dying boy, would they?" 
Bits & Pieces, July 1991.
Have you ever felt like this boy before? Probably you have not been physically burnt but emotionally. You probably don’t have the strength to go on because of life’s situation and you had lost all hope. We pray that as you entered through MSDACA doors that it brought hope into your life. We hope you saw and experienced, what you really mean to us and that we see a future in you.
Our Bible text for today is written for a group of people that was taken into captivity to a foreign land. Daniel and his friend where taken from Jerusalem to Babylon by king Nebuchadnezzar. While Daniel was there the prophet Jeremiah writes them a letter and tells them these words.
Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.
God tells His people that through the process of taken them away from their home and going to a foreign land that He was trying to bring peace, future, and hope.
I still remember when I was your age and graduating from 8th grade. I was attending school at Polaski Middle School in New Britain CT. But I did not know my future and how it would end up. I knew that right after my graduation I was going to pack all of our belongings and move from CT to FL. I was not just going to a new school but also a new environment. On the other hand, I knew that God was doing this because He knew what is best for me and His thoughts was to bring peace, a future, and hope in my life. I couldn’t see it then but as I went through the journey I experienced it.
I will like for you to think what you have gone through in the last nine years of your life. You can probably see many scars in your life. You probably can feel a little burnt. Even today you can be in an emotional state of exhaustion, but I will like to remind you that you are in God’s thoughts and even through this process He wants to give you peace, a future, and hope. How can we be hopeful when it seems that hope is nowhere to be found? Just think hope as a acronym.
H stand for Humble. To have hope is to understand that you or I are not in control but that God is in control for us. So we just need to stay humble to God’s plan.
O stand for Opportunity. Hope brings opportunity that would not exist if we just believe what we see. Take the opportunity and let God guide you through them.
P stand for Patience. Hope teaches us that we have to be patient and wait for the end result, of what God has already begun to work on.
E stands for Enlighten. Once you depend on hope your life will be enlighten for the plans that God has for you.
you probably came to our school burned from many things in life and the only th
Next year we will be in a new building, a new environment, a new play ground, new teacher, new way of learning. You probably are sitting here wondering how will it be this summer. this coming up year, this new part of my life?
As Albert Einstein said learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
Romans 15:13 NKJV
Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The way one of my favorite writer said "we have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history."
In other words
As you graduate from 8th grade and move into high-school stand strong today in hope. By humbling yourself to the opportunities that God has offered you through patience which will enlighten your future.
Romans 12:12 NKJV
rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer;
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