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How to manage our families and business

Sermon Tone Analysis
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I. Men and Women are different
A. The devil wants to distract you
1. Wants equality
a. Not equal
b. Different
ii. Tender, loving
b. Different
c. And its OK
II. Wives – vs 18
A. Submit to Husbands
1. Means that there is a structure to household
2. This happened in the Garden
b. Accounting for sin
c. Wasn’t like that before
3. Because of sin family has to have order
a. God placed men at the head
b. Women are subject
B. Fitting in the Lord
1. Women are not doormats
a. They are our right-hand
b. Intelligent, smart, wonderful, beautiful
c. Don’t forget what Jesus thought
i. Revealed himself to women –
ii. Came to earth through a woman
iii. Did not judge the woman being accused –
iv. Spoke to the woman at the well –
2. Remember this is God’s design and plan
i. Christ submitted himself
ii. So too you submit yourselves
iii. Save your husbands
b. Be a great woman in the Lord –
i. Counted as righteousness
ii. Remember Sarah in her old age
c. God remembers his people
d. Live upright that might turn your husbands
i. Husbands live right for God
III. Husbands – vs 19
A. A greater task you have
1. Love your wives
2. Present her holy and pure
3. Love means service
a. Remember how Christ loved the church
i. Died for her
ii. Put her first above himself
b. Remember how God loves you
i. Forgiveness
ii. Patience
iii. Kindness
B. Do not be Harsh
1. In your kindness and compassion – Remb earlier
a. She will see the Lord
b. She will want to submit
2. Make her life easier –
a. Do not over-burden her
b. Do not test her
c. Take care of her
d. Make her feel special
IV. Children
A. Obey your parents – vs 20
1. , ; ,
2. The Lord wants us to live well
a. Parents have had some life
b. Trying to keep you safe
c. They don’t want the same trials for you
3. Rules are in place to protect you
a. not to restrict you
b. But to help discipline you
4. When your ready
a. You will be strong enough
b. Smart enough
c. Wise enough to survive and flourish
B. Pleasing the Lord
1. He is our ultimate father
2. What pleases Him will make us joyful
C. Fathers – vs 21
1. Another of our responsibilities
2. Take care of your children
3. Bring them up in the ways of the Lord
V. Slaves – vs 22
A. Slave in Jewish culture
1. Like our military
2. Most of them were voluntary
a. owed money
b. owed another debt
B. Supposed to be taken care of
1. Set free 7th year
2. Were allowed to marry and have children
3. Were allowed to work and earn wage
4. Never were they to lack anything
C. This will speak to us today as workers not slaves – vs 23-24
1. Make your bosses work a treat
2. Do all things as if working for the Lord
3. Curry favor with them
a. Show them Christ
D. Those whom you employ – vs 25
1. Take care of them
2. You are responsible for them
3. Remember they are children of the Lord
a. Your job is not just to employ
b. Save them
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