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Sons and Daughters of the King

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Context of 6-8

1. Continue in Sin because of Grace? 6:1
2. How can we still live in sin because of death? 6:2
3. Baptism into the death of Christ? 6:3
4. Can we still sin because there is no law? 6:15
1. When is the law void? 7:1
2. Is the law sin? 7:7
3. What is the law's fault for condemning me? 7:13
1. What do we do knowing we are justified waiting to be glorified?
Ricky last week discussed the result of what it means to have imputed righteousness. Basically, what that means is that if you are in Christ the result of having Christ’s righteousness is that you will go through a process called Sanctification. Sanctification is how you live out that righteousness that you have been given. This is all through the work of the Holy Spirit though which is what Paul is pointing to throughout chapters 6-8.
Chapter 6 answers the very questions regarding the nature of Grace and how it is compatible with an imperfect body. Paul goes over the possibility of living in Grace when we are wicked people, but that the stipulations for accepting Grace is obedience to Jesus Christ. This leads into the following questions in chapter 7 which is the relationship between grace, sin and the Mosaic law (remember he is talking to the Jews).
These questions lead to Paul’s argument for what it means to live by the Holy Spirit and not like a person living under the law and in sin. Which brings us to Chapter 8.

Sons of God

If having imputed righteousness gives us a right standing before God, what place are we in in God’s standard? The answer to this question lies in verses 12-14, that Christians are now God’s children.
The Present reality of our righteousness is that we have the greatest privileged we could ever have, that is, we can call God our Father and WE are His Sons and Daughters. How do we know this? Well if you fundamentally hate your sin and desire to obey God rather than your own desires that is the primary indicator you are being led by the Spirit and not the flesh. If you see this in your own live Jr Higher’s and High Schooler’s then you are a child of God and you can have assurance that you are. If you think you obey the flesh, I would encourage you to turn to Jesus because in him there is life.
Talk about the enticement of living for the desires of the flesh because it feels like you will live when in actuality, you will die. This is the danger of sin that it makes us believe that life is found in the things of this world.
However, life is being a child of God. When you live that life you understand that there is always more that you want and you can never be satisfied

Intimacy and Peace with God v.15

Talk about how girls have friends they want to listen but dont
Talk about George
Fear in this sense means we are afraid of God being a harmful master or that we are mistreated slaves.Being a son and daughter of God means we have an intimacy with God that no one else has! We can go to God for everything through prayer. Being a child of God means we want to cry out to God and no one else because He is for us.
I think one of the biggest reasons people dont believe or hate God is because they think He is only a tyrant or a dictator.

Royal Inheritance v.16-17

Lastly, Children of God are heirs of the throne! Meaning we will get what King Jesus has which is a perfect relationship and state of life that is perfect and blameless. This is the implication of the Holy Spirit once again and His job is to remind us of this standard so that we wont fall into fear or live a life that leads to death.
What this means is that we will be glorified, in the end we will be glorified. This is the hope of the Christian that we will not sin anymore and that there will be no such thing as fear, depression, anxiety, anger, or distrust. Everything will be given to us that Jesus already has.
The one little caveat is this, Son and daughter of Christ—endure the suffering waiting for you.
Give Illustrations of things that are only temporary.
Describe what this means
Look at verse 18
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