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The Gift of Common Grace

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How do you prove that God exists? A common question that many people will be asked to answer at some point in their lives- most popular time being high school biology class....
Well, the theory that most Christians support is called complex intelligence, and it is built from these verses in Romans. The idea here is that this universe and this plant are so intricate that they demand an intelligent designer.....
Consider these
A young skeptic returned from his 1st semester at college and visited elderly Bible teacher who’d invited him over for a meal. He hadn’t been at college long, but he’d been there long enough for the professors to destroy his faith. So as she fixed a meal, he felt he needed to inform her of that, and so he said "I once believed in God, but since studying science, I'm convinced that God is but an empty word."
She paused a moment and then said, "Well, I have not studied science, but since YOU have, maybe you can tell me from where this egg came from." She held up a raw egg she was about to use.
"Why from a hen, of course" he replied.
"And where did the hen come from? she asked.
"Why, it hatched from an egg."
"And perhaps," said the lady, "you can tell me which existed first."
"The hen, of course," he said.
"So, you mean that a hen existed without having come from an egg?"
"Oh, no," said the young man, "I guess I should have said that the egg was first."
"Then you mean that an egg existed without having come from a hen?"
The young man looked puzzled and then said "You’re getting me confused."
She smiled and then replied: "Young man, since you cannot explain the existence of even an egg without God, can you really expect me to believe that you can explain the existence of the whole world without Him."
Paul writes to the Romans that creation tells the story of God. Writing to a group of new Christians, Paul is not even first concerned with proving the existence of God- he is writing to them about the wrath of God. Paul’s argument is that every man, woman, and child has a glimpse and a hint of the existence of God, because they experience this world, and this world shows God. Or as the Psalmist said:

The heavens declare the glory of God,

and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

Paul writes to us that creation tells the story of God.
Our first glimpse of who God is comes not from the evangelist, but the world God has placed us Or, to put it another way, science and faith are not opposing one another, but working in harmony with one another.
In his book on Albert Einstein, author Walter Isaacson told of a dinner party in Berlin that Einstein had attended. Everybody there apparently assumed Einstein was an atheist, but when someone made mention of that… he said, “No, I have a deep feeling of faith, a deep religiosity that comes from my appreciation of the way the Lord made the universe”, and everybody was stunned. He said he was like a child walking into a library, and you see the books and you know somebody must have written them, and you see them ordered and you know somebody must have ordered them, and there’s a sense of awe that’s manifest in that where you kind of understand that there’s an order underlying everything and the more you appreciate it, the more humble you become in the fact of it.
As we think about the ways that this world tells of the glory of God. I am going to let God speak for Himself. I am going to read to you Chapters 38 and 39 of Job in their entirety. I want to ask you to picture these words. Maybe close your eyes and use your imagination, and hear as God defends himself today.....
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