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#3 Things to Pray for (Acts 2:42-47)

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Pray that our church would be devoted to one another ().
Heavenly Father, help us to be devoted to:

1. Learning Together.

a. Thank God that He has given the church “the apostles’ teaching” in the pages of Scripture. (v42).
b. Pray that our church would be devoted to learning from the bible together, whether it’s in
Sunday Service’s
Wednesday night Bible Study
Care Groups
Prayer Meeting
One on one.
c. Pray that all of us would be committed to attending, even when we’re tired or the day was hectic.
d. Pray that our hearts and minds would be engaged, stirred up, and transformed as we meet week after week.

2. Building Relationships

“They devoted themselves…to fellowship…Now all the believers were together...” (v42,44).
a. Pray that we would all be devoted to spending the time together required to forge meaningful relationships.
b. Thank the Lord for the friendships that you already have in the fellowship.
c. (PRIVATELY) Ask the Lord to help you to think about who else you could seek to deepen your relationship with this month.

3. Praying Together

“They devoted themselves…to prayer” (v42).
Whenever believers met together — in the temple or in their homes for a meal — they would spend time in prayer.
Some have stated that the prayer meeting is like the spiritual barometer.
As we search ourselves as a body, where’s our barometer?
a. Ask that a culture of prayer would permeate our church.
b. Ask that the Lord would make us a people who delight in coming together to pray.

4. Meeting Needs...

The first believers “...sold their possessions and property and distributed the proceeds to all, as any had need.” (v45)
a. Pray and ask that our church would also be sacrificial in our generosity.
b. That we would always seek to meet each other’s
And spiritual needs
Pray that you would be willing to give up your time, money, or convenience to ensure that others have what they need.

5. …Add To Our Number

a. Thank God for the people and families He’s “added to” our number recently (v47).
b. Pray that our church will continue to be and grow in loving and welcoming newcomers.
c. Pray that our church would grow: That people would
1. Come to our gatherings
2. Be introduced to Jesus
2. Be introduced to Jesus
3. See Him at work in the lives of us, His people, and...
3. See Him at work in the lives of us, His people, and...
4. Put their faith in His saving work.
4. Put their faith in His saving work.
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