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Matthew 27:35-56

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Kingdom Living to The End

This is the King of the Jews. The sign placed above our Savior’s head, calls out to us even today. He saved others, but they thought He couldn’t save Himself. But, we know today He could have disappeared from that cross at anytime, He could have bowed out and said no right from the start but He didn’t. Instead He remained until the very weight of our sins was too much for Him to bear because it separated Him from His Father. He was living with the Kingdom in mind and submitted even His spirit to God.
Even if you have read the account of the crucifixion before, read it again as if you were reading it for the very first time. Ask the Lord to give you fresh eyes to see it for the very first time, so that it is newly revealed - every detail.
1 Did you see a new revealed detail or reminded of something you had forgotten? What was that detail?
Passerbys were blaspheming him who was falsely accused of blasphemy. All who see me mock me, they hurl insults, shaking their heads - psalm 22:7
Jesus’ silohoutte against the darkening sky revealed just how bleak the situation was at the moment that the sins weighed on Him. And, with His last breath a new beginning burst forth with the veil that once separated man from God was torn in two. Torn by God himself from the top of the veil down to reach man on the ground. Then the earth quakes and dead men stand up. What a sight this must have been for the people witnessing it. Once dead righteous people walking into Jerusalem appearing to many. (Many commentators believe the resurrection of the saints was after Jesus rose because Jesus is the firstfruit of the resurrection from the dead)
2 Think back to the hill of Calvary - look with your mind or draw on a paper that hill. Now scan over the passages for today and place on that drawing the groups of people that were witnessing the event. The religious leaders, the general passerbys, the centurions and so many more. Which do you feel was most like you and why?
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