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신명기 개관

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목차별 설명
- 신명기는 모압
I. 신명기 소개 (1:1–5)
II. 모세의 연설 : 역사적 설명 (1:6–4:43)
A. 역사속에 경험한 하나님 (1:6–3:29)
B. 하나님 법의 순종을 향한 부르심(4:1–40)
C. 도피성에 관한 기록 (4:41–43)
III. 모세의 두 번째 연설: 버 (4:44–26:19)
A. 법의 선언 (4:44–49)
B. 기본 계명: 설명 과 권고 (5:1–11:32)
C. 특별한 법 (12:1–26:15)
D. 율법 선언 결론 (26:16–19)
IV. 모세의 세 번째 연설: 축복과 저주 (27:1–28:69 [Eng. 29:1])
A. 새롭게된 언약의 명령 (27:1–26)
B. 모압에서 선언된 축복과 저주 (28:1–69 [Eng. 28:1–29:1])
V. 모세의 네 번째 연설: 결론 부분 (29:1 [Eng. v. 2]-30:20)
VI. 모세로부터 여호수아에 이르는 언약의 연속성 (31:1–34:12)
The Book of Deuteronomy X. Analysis of Contents


The analysis presented here is intended to serve as a practical guide to the contents of Deuteronomy; it also serves to divide the text into relatively concise sections for the purposes of the commentary. For the unity and formal structure of the book, the reader should refer to section III (above). In the section containing specific legislation, the material has been treated chapter by chapter for the sake of convenience; as can be seen from the table prepared by G. Seitz (Redaktionsgeschichtliche Studien zum Deuteronomium, pp. 92f.), there is a wide variety of opinion regarding the inner structure of chs. 12–26.

I. Introduction to Deuteronomy (1:1–5)

II. The Address of Moses: Historical Prologue (1:6–4:43)

A. The Experience of God in History (1:6–3:29)

1. Recollections of Horeb (1:6–18)

2. Recollections of Kadesh-barnea (1:19–46)

3. Recollections of Mount Seir (2:1–8)

4. Recollections of Moab and Ammon (2:9–25)

5. The conquest of Heshbon (2:26–37)

6. The conquest of Bashan (3:1–11)

7. Allocation of land east of the Jordan (3:12–22)

8. Moses’ request and its refusal (3:23–29)

B. The Call for Obedience to God’s Law (4:1–40)

1. The law as the foundation of the nation (4:1–8)

2. The law and the nature of God (4:9–24)

3. The law and judgment (4:25–31)

4. The law and the God of history (4:32–40)

C. Note on the Cities of Refuge (4:41–43)

III. The Address of Moses: The Law (4:44–26:19)

A. Introduction to the Declaration of the Law (4:44–49)

B. The Basic Commandments: Exposition and Exhortation (5:1–11:32)

1. The summons to obey the law (5:1–5)

2. The Decalog (5:6–21)

3. Moses’ mediatory role at Horeb (5:22–33)

4. The principal commandment: to love God (6:1–9)

5. Instructions concerning the promised land (6:10–25)

6. Israel’s policy of war (7:1–26)

7. The wilderness and the promised land (8:1–20)

8. The stubbornness of Israel (9:1–29)

9. The tables of the law and the ark (10:1–10)

10. God’s requirement of Israel (10:11–11:25)

11. A blessing and a curse (11:26–32)

C. The Specific Legislation (12:1–26:15)

1. Regulations relating to the sanctuary (12:1–31)

2. The dangers of idolatry (13:1–19 [Eng. 12:32–13:18])

3. Legislation relating to various religious practices (14:1–29)

4. The year of release and the law regarding firstlings (15:1–23)

5. Major festivals and the appointment of officers and judges (16:1–22)

6. Laws relating to sacrifice, covenant transgression, the central tribunal, and kingship (17:1–20)

7. Laws relating to the Levites, foreign practices, and prophecy (18:1–22)

8. Cities of refuge and legal procedure (19:1–21)

9. The conduct of war (20:1–20)

10. Laws relating to murder, war, and family affairs (21:1–23)

11. Miscellaneous laws and the regulation of sexual behavior (22:1–23:1 (Eng. 22:1–30])

12. Miscellaneous laws (23:2–26 [Eng. 23:1–25])

13. Miscellaneous laws (24:1–22)

14. Miscellaneous laws (25:1–19)

15. The ceremonial fulfilment of the law (26:1–15)

D. Conclusion to the Declaration of the Law (26:16–19)

IV. The Address of Moses: Blessings and Curses (27:1–28:69 [Eng. 29:1])

A. The Renewal of the Covenant Commanded (27:1–26)

1. The writing of the law and the offering of sacrifices (27:1–10)

2. Blessings and curses at the covenant renewal (27:11–26)

B. The Blessings and Curses Pronounced in Moab (28:1–69 [Eng. 28:1–29:1])

1. The blessings (28:1–14)

2. The curses (28:15–69 [Eng. 29:1])

V. The Address of Moses: A Concluding Charge (29:1 [Eng. v. 2]-30:20)

A. An Appeal for Covenant Faithfulness (29:1–28 [Eng. vv. 2–29])

B. The Call to Decision: Life and Blessing or Death and Cursing (30:1–20)

VI. The Continuity of the Covenant from Moses to Joshua (31:1–34:12)

A. Deposition of the Law and the Appointment of Joshua (31:1–29)

B. The Song of Moses (31:30–32:44)

C. The Impending Death of Moses (32:45–52)

D. The Blessing of Moses (33:1–29)

E. The Death of Moses and Leadership of Joshua (34:1–9)

F. Conclusion (34:10–12)

The Book of Deuteronomy X. Analysis of Contents

B. The Song of Moses (31:30–32:44)

C. The Impending Death of Moses (32:45–52)

D. The Blessing of Moses (33:1–29)

E. The Death of Moses and Leadership of Joshua (34:1–9)

F. Conclusion (34:10–12)


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