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Haggai 2:4-9

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Work for I am with you

The Lord is with you while you work…How many of us actually go through the hours of our work day really acknowledging God’s presence is there with us? I can honestly say once I am in my typical mindset or work-mode He does not enter my thoughts. Why? because I have not invited Him. Why wouldn’t we want the Spirit of God’s power, inspiration, or presence with us there is certainly a good question.
What can God’s presence with you at work do? It can motivate me to work earnestly and do so as if what I was doing was truly for His glory alone. It can also help me not to fear, keep me calm and reduce my stress.
Not only are we encouraged to remember that God is with us always - even at work, but that what we have is His. The money we earn for working is His. Look at your bank statement.
2. What is the most often withdrawal for? Is there a withdrawal for church? How do the 2 compare?
God is trying to encourage the people who were looking at their bank accounts and saying - we don’t have any money to support the buiding of the temple. How could they a poor people build a temple that was greater than the former? So God reminds them that the the silver an gold are His. And to that end, God solved this problem - a search of the empire’ s records turned up a command that the temple be rebuilt and as a result the current king Darius, commanded it be rebuilt with the cost paid in full by the royal treasury and that the money was actually to be from a tax collected from their enemies. this just goes to prove that we should not be holding anything back from our commitment to God. God provides exactly what we need to complete any work to which He calls us to.
3. Have you been holding anything back from God? What can you do to give that up to Him?
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