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All Are On A Roll

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Pastor Myre's Sunday morning message.

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Click to edit Master title style Click to edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level 5/20/2018 ‹#› “WE, are on a ROLL” Yes, YOU Too! Prophecy is coming to LIGHT daily, we have no time to treat lightly the things of ETERNAL VALUE: Dad, Wife, Kids to $ He that is not with me is against me : and he that gathereth not with me scattereth . Luke 11:23 You are either becoming MORE full of LIFE/ HIM OR You are becoming More Dead in Trespasses and Sin I KNOW: “No preacher has preached this much.... We must ADJUST: God is NOT through leading US to... Without ME, YOU can do NO-THING Becoming ONE with HIM is to HAVE HIS SPIRIT (dying for others is inconvenient!) Consistently cleansing ourselves from all filth of the flesh and Spirit…. In order to CHANGE our world , we must Be Changed Transformed Minds will be the POWER to TRANSFORM our World As HE is in the World , So shall we Be : (His People , Passion , Purpose etc.) HERE is the BIG CONCEPT of CHRIST : “ I KNOW my THOUGHTS toward YOU” Thoughts of Peace , Not evil , for a Good HOPE of a final outcome This should be WHAT WE LIVE OUT DAILY ! (striving for) Becoming,Teaching, Training, Realizing of the increase of THIS: No End…! Satan will stop at nothing to DESTROY this concept in the minds of all ! “ You don’t LOVE me” happens when people don’t know what LOVE IS ” YOU are Independently Wealthy Breath you have never spent is coming Time you have not even touched the edge of is waiting on you Energy/ Life that you have not yet touched the edge of is yours Relationships that will afford or distract or in your life NOW! Investment opportunities wait your decision and commitment Returns on all of the time invested Returns on all the devotions of time and energy Returns on relationships Some of US never dreamed LIFE was so Full, “Abundant” as GOD said Your 1 st day on earth people attended YOU Some like you Some Did like you Others await your presence and LOVE There are those who will USE you for their advantage You may or may not be advantaged by their use of your name/life, etc. Businesses await your patronage They don’t wait on you, they are more aggressive than the church “Children of this generation are wiser in their day than children of LIGHT” We have not believed it, just tolerated it since its it is in the bible The call it advertising it, we call it evangelizing, don’t get it mixed up Arrows : only limited to whose string they’re on The motivation for their life is the ONE pulling the string (training them) How far WE Go…” The destiny of what we bring down O, How we have overlooked some of the most meaningful simple terms Who would have ever thought, you have the ability to bring down giants Who would have ever thought you would be the ONE who would tear down the powers of Hell assuaging your grandkids to be The idea of eternal has not seemingly reached its intent yet We, too often think in terms of 40-60 yrs. What a TRICK of DECEPTION As a man thinketh in HIS HEART so is HE Men think in time and squares God thinks in circles, Eternal! “what goes around ...” Of the INCREASE of HIS GOVERNMENT and PEACE there shall be NO END Watch the Circle: Law of Sowing & Reaping Don’t allow the jagged edges to get you off track , the edges come back to the circle . The trials of life are only temporary Impossible to stop time , the ball with us on it rolls . Sow righteousness After many days, We will come back to meet ourselv es. Our Choice whatever NEVER too late to change or start over . The circle lives forever in Eter nity Every man rewarded according to HIS WORKS (don’t be deceived!) Repent or Kindness Hatefulness Kindness Hatefulness Kindness Kindness Kindness Kindness THIS heaven and THIS earth shall pass away Enjoy your house, car, cash, etc. but don’t try to build a future on it or what IT can do for you eternally (here, we have no permanent dwelling...) “THIS heaven and THIS earth SHALL pass away with a great noise and a fervent heat, THIS will all be burned up , done away with, LOVE not the world , neither the things in the world LOVE your neighbor , you WILL meet them again in the next rotation You will SEE yourself Pray for your enemies Do good to all men as much as lieth within you , (use all you can to save) Become / Have a Spiritual Economist is Critical WE don’t have to KNOW all this as such, but we SHOULD Know them that labor among us AND, KNOW they enjoy profits: Righteousness, Joy, Peace Learning to balance the budget deficit of life (not happiness, but JOYFUL ) Learning to not inflate figures “ self justification ” Learning to see with FAITH , creates/gives the ability to change life , Sacrifice if necessary to get the Results of the audit into PROFITABILITY Place words, statements, in a WAY that other thoughts can be added or subtracting without destroying the Life or Business of the proprietor At the end of each day, run a tally Repent over overspending or taking things into your own hands WE are not God , even though we are given God privilege . Only ONE God TODAY is the DAY of Salvation ( For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation .) 2 Cor 6:2 Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near! Isa 55:6 Seek Ye the LORD while He may be FOUND
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