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Intro: Last week Maggie spoke about why we should serve, and I came to a realization. We have spoken about why we serve, and the fact that we should be serving. Here’s the thing. If we love the Lord, we will serve. It is through serving that people come to know who Jesus is, and the power of the cross. The way you serve has the power to attract people to the cross. So thinking about that, we should understand that we have to serve as much and as hard as we can. We should go above and beyond to serve others.

Key Verse:

Tension: Why is serving so hard? Have we not yet learned that anything worth doing is worth doing together?

Why is serving so hard?

You know, I read a status this week that said that “Serving goes before leadership” and though I agree, I think it doesn’t end there. I believe that serving goes before, during, and after leadership. We have to get to the point of understanding that it is our job to present Jesus to the world. In order to do that we have to act.
The Bible says that faith without works is dead. What it means is that you cant just come to church. Its not enough to just worry about yourself. Its God’s desire that none to be lost, which means that as a Christian, it should be your desire too. You should seek to show people Jesus through the way you live selflessly.

Anything doing is worth doing TOGETHER. []

I always said “Heaven, by myself, isn’t heaven.” I want to make sure that as many people as I can help get in. When I am in a group of people I don’t know I cant be myself. However, when Im with my boys, or with my friends, I can be myself. For me I would rather experience something together as opposed to telling you about something I experienced. We serve because it brings us closer together and because it brings more of us together.

Once we serve together, it’ll make us want to serve more.

I have this coffee shop that I like to go to. It has a quiet, nice room to work in, good coffee, its perfect. Here’s the thing, I showed the location to a friend, and since they knew about it now, we don’t stop going. At least once a week! Once we find something that we can do together, we’ll want to do it more.

If you fall in love with serving, you fall in love with God.

Have you ever said something in prayer that you didnt understand would mean that much to you? Today I was praying and I said Lord give me wisdom to get my life organized, my finances organized all of me so I could better serve Him and the Body. When you serve, you fall in love with God in a new way, because its not about you, but rather those you serve and seeing God impact their lives! It becomes an addiction! I challenge you to rearrange your life in such a way that it would help you serve more!


Understanding that the way we serve, or the fact that we serve, could lead people to the cross, it should cause us to serve as often and as hard as possible. It doesn’t have to be hard; not if you encourage others to serve with you! You dont have to serve alone! Serving wont just make you fall in love with Jesus more, it will help you meet new people, or solidify the bonds with those you already know. So here is the challenge. SERVE. Serve each other, serve people you don’t know, serve everyone. Not to be seen, but to be like Jesus. This is your chance to do something great together…
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