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If you would please take your Bibles and turn to
This set of verses is known as the shema
The Verse starts off Hear, O Israel.
Moses is calling the people of Isreal, God chosen people to listen to Him.
To listen to the words he was about to speak.
God is calling us, the children of God, the Christ follower to listen to Moses instructions as well.
Moses first reminds Isreal that the Lord our God is one.
Moses is talking to a group of people who had bowed down to idols and will bow down to idols in the future.
We need to seem reminder that Moses gave the children of Isreal.
That we serve one God.
Our hearts much like the children of Isreal are prone to wonder.
As Calvin rightly said “Our hearts are idol factors.”
Many of us don’t bow down to little statues, but we are guilty of taking good things and making them idols.
An idol can be anything we put in the place that God deserves to be in our lives.
Even good things can become idols.
Our spouse, children, gadgets, work, school, hobbies can all become idols
I don’t know about you but at times many of things I just listed take captive of my heart and I have to repent.
Moses is going to call us to teach our children this lesson.
That we serve one God.
This can’t be one of those lessons we say do as I tell you not as I do.
We must know and live as though their is one God and that is Jesus Christ and no other.
s c.Our hearts as well as our children hearts are idol factors.
And we must constantly remind ourselves as well as our kids that the God of the Bible is the only God.I am guilty of this and I am sure you are guilty of this from time to time.
Where we turn good things into more than they should be and they become idols before we know it.
9  remember the former things of old;
for I am God, and there is no other;
Second Moses commands the children of God to Love the Lord their God with everything.
I am God, and there is none like me,
Yet again keep in mind who Moses is speaking to.
The people of Isreal.
Gods chosen people.
And we know because of the Old Testament that their will be times when they will not love God with everything.
Their will be times when they will love other things more.
Moses is calling God’s chosen people to love him with all of its essence and expression.
With all its being.
You think they would have because God had rescued them.
You think they would have loved God because he delivered them from slavery.
You think they would have loved God because God had not forsaken them.
Just as Moses called the people of Isreal to Love God with everything.
Jesus in the New Testament quotes Moses and says.
Jesus has called us to love him with everything.
Like the people of Isreal you would think we would have no problem doing this.
You think we would love Jesus because he delivered us from the slavery of our sin.
You think we would love him because he has not forsaken or left us.
You think we would love him because he rescued us by going to the cross and dying for our sins.
But just like the people of Isreal I am guilty sometimes of loving some things more than him.
If you are honest you do as well.
I will confess, their are times I love my wife more, their are times when I love my children more, their are even times when I love his bride the church more.
When we come to these times we must repent.
Notice what Moses does next.
Moses says, I have called you to listen closely to me.
I have given you some reminders and some instructions.
I have reminded you we serve one God and that we are to love that God with all our heart, soul and might.
Moses says to the children of Isreal these commands are to be on your heart.
You are to believe them, You are to live them out.
This belief is not to be just a head knowledge, but a heart knowledge.
You are to love God with everything you are.
Moses is about to give us as parents some instructions and for us to cary out the instructions he is about to give us.
We first have to understand that their is one God and it the God of the Bible and do away with our false idols, Second, we are to love this God with everything.
If we don’t get this part of the instruction then we can’t accomplish what he is about to ask us to do.
I have learned as a parent their are some things I just can’t teach my kid because I am can’t do it or don’t love it.
For instance I could never teach my son how to duck.
I don’t know much about ducks other than you have to go early in the morning.
I don’t understand how to call them.
I don’t understand what the duck blind is all about.
I would not do well at teaching my son this because I myself don’t have a passion for it.
In the same way I couldn’t teach my daughter how to be a balorany.
I can’t stand the balay.
My wife took me to one, one time to see the nut craker and I felt like it would go on forever.
However, I could teach my son or daughter about music.
I could teach them about swimming.
Why because this is something I myself can do and I am pretty professate.
Moses is about to command us as parents to teach our children that their is one God and to love him with everything.
And the reason many children don’t understand this is because children learn more by watching and what they see is mom and dad don’t only bow down to one God and they don’t love the God of the Bible with everything.
Moses tells us who has the responsbility to pass down the faith to our children lies with.
5.Third, the responsiblity of passing on our faith.
a.This scripture takes an unusual turn next.
b.In the middle of Moses instruction to the people of Israel c.In the middle of this series of sermons by Moses d.In the middle of this book which is written in the form of a Jewish treaty between God and His people e.In the middle of this expantion on the ten commandments.
f.Moses stops and tells the people how this will pass from one generation to the next.
g.Moses tells the Fathers to teach this to there children.
h.Notice it was not the Kings responsibility or the governments responsibility.It was not primarily the Priest responsibility or the pastors responsibility.It was the parents responsibility and primarily the Father responsibility to teach his sons the ways of God.
k.Verse 7 saysYou shall teach them diligently to your childrenThe word for Children in the Hebrew would be more accurate to be translated as son.
1.See a Father would teach his son the ways of God in the home and as the father teaches his son the ways of God any daughter and the mother would hear the father and they to would know the ways of God also.Adriean Rogers says: God intends that the first school, the first seminary, the first university is to be the home, with the father as the prime professor and president m.
In 2007 and 2008, an organization known as FamilyLife sent out a survey called the Family Needs Survey.
This survey took a careful look at the needs and habits of churched families.
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