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Kingdom Woman - Proverbs 31:30   •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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The Church Needs Kingdom Women

A kingdom is not complete without a Queen. The goal should be to empower our sisters to be great and sustain the church in efforts of ministry and nurturing families as well as teaching younger sisters to be great Kingdom women. Historically we have seen women keep the ship afloat during efforts of recession, war and other monumental moments in history.
Your influence is not isolated to a tight dress, a daunting figure or a pretty face. Women are the greatest need of mankind. God provided Adam with a vocational call of dominion over the entire animal kingdom and the ability to be the caretaker of the garden of Eden, nonetheless he blessed Adam with Eve because the thought of Adam being alone was not suitable for him to reach the potential that God desired for mankind.
Even so much so that God send his son to be the salvation of the world through a woman. In society women have been on a consistent upswing despite legal oppression and workplace glass ceilings. Black women have assumed the position of being one of the most educated demographic on earth.
Our dependability on women begins at birth, early childhood. Even so much so a young man does things in his life like the clothing he wears to the car he drives to impress the woman of his desire.
He “made a woman from the rib he had taken out of a man”. the Hebrew word for making woman means to build as a house, a temple, a city, an altar and she should be revered as such.

More than The Help

She is a suitable helper “ezer kenegdo” a companion of great strength. Verse 11 of states “The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain”.
The following verse states she does him good and not harm, all the days of her life.
Ezer or help as prescribed in Our help (ezer)is in the name of the Lord. It is quite ironic that God made man in his image nonetheless he uses the same verb to describe the woman as he does himself in the Godhead.
God often uses an analogy of power comparable to what a woman is capable of doing in life.
- God like a woman in labor
- God like a midwife
God like a woman seeking a lost coin
- God like a mother comforting her children
Understand that God created you, therefore he sets your value. Tony Evans states, “woman was not the result of Adam’s request. Understand God said that Eve was someone Adam needed in his life.
Understand that because created you, your first calling is to God, He desires that you fulfill his purpose that he has given in your life. God alone is your purpose, understand that if you do not have a Adam in your life, you still have purpose. You may not have children but you still have purpose.
Your worth is far above treasure, as described in worth more than rubies! You have been called to be great! You have been called to be amazing, you have been called to be a helper walking in the calling of God.

You are not Inferior

You are created for God’s work. Although, Joseph desired Mary to be a suitable helper for him she was created for God’s word. At the end of the day, the devil should know he messed with the wrong sister today!
You may not be able to control how you are treated but you do have the power to exclaim that your worth is decided by God and no one else.
When we examine the idea of Christian faith we have many married and single women who help enlarge the kingdom through their purposeful work.
It was Jochebed that protected Moses when society said kill him. Because of her foresight her son would deliver Israel from Egyptian bondage.
It was Zipporah that saved Moses’ life when God was going to kill him for refusing to obey God’s command of circumcising his sons.
It was Esther who provided refuge for the Jewish people who were faced with destruction.
It was Rahab who although a prostitute protected spies that led to the triumph over Jericho.
It was Mary who was selected to carry salvation in her womb that would save the world!
When the Kingdom woman walks in the calling of God she can change the world, she can save the world, she can preserve the world.
Think on this, is one chapter, nonetheless how many chapters did it take for men to get it right. The kingdom woman according to this chapter is resourceful, nurturing, spiritually attached to God and priceless.
I think of my wife when I think about the ability to multi-task in her purpose. Managing the home, helping with homework, turning our kitchen into a 5 star restaurant, meanwhile praying of me, encouraging me, and taking great care of our children.
She does this not because she loves her family, she does this because she fears the Lord.
The kingdom woman is set apart from other women and it boils down to not how well her husband treats her but her fear of the Lord. Her fear is causation of her Kingdom actions, priorities and duties. The demand of life would overwhelm us without the fear and protection of God. Mary decided to carry Jesus because of her reverence of God. You have the ability to follow God today and walk in your purpose by choosing God and allowing him to add value to your life rather than man.
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