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You can be seated. He was scared to say it cuz you scared that I would turn around tell you to stand.

Teresa Briones is a loving and kind and a caring mother. But she also has a mean left hook and she proved it one day when she was in the laundromat and she attacked basically then I punched a another mother whose kids were there. Now what let her to do this will The Story Goes that she was there with her daughter her daughter suffered from a very rare disease. I think it's called Progeria. It's basically a disease where your body ages very fast, but my way faster than normal and so though her daughter was 7 she was losing her hair. She was hurt her joints for arthritic. She had all of these health problems and she looked completely mangled and end in transformed by this disease is nice is so rare that only 15 people in the world at that time had it and so it is just a heartbreaking in a tragic thing while she was there. her daughter these kids came and started looking at her child and and and he said What mom come look at the monster look at the monster?

And Theresa is upset by this and so she started trying to say so she's not a monster. She just like you she's just like me and while she was saying this the mother comes up and says, oh I see it. I see it. How that make you feel mom? And he said my daughter is not an it. and she went and it's hard to punch left-handed. I'm not left-handed, but she she's actor. Let me ask you those you hear of her mom's. Can you can you blame her?

There's something about moms with parents as well. And we want what is best for our kids we want good for them and we are willing to fight we are willing to give up our dignity. We're willing to give up anything just so our kids can have what they need so they can get dignity and respect.

UC Teresa wasn't angry. She wasn't angry because they recognize differences. Some people say love is blind. But I think in Teresa's case love did not cause her to overlook any of the problems that we're going on at our daughter's life any of those help from she saw those as clearly as anyone else but she saw something in her that no one else sees it something that moms can see in their children and something that the parents can see see the value. in their child where the world looks at her child and sometimes says come look at the the monster. She sees this little girl that she carried in her when she sees this little girl that she gave birth to she sees the good things about her in the the Beautiful Soul that is a trap inside that body and because of that the mama bear came out in her and she was willing to defend her daughter.

And moms are like this.

Cheap we want what is best for our kids because precisely we love them so much. And his mom's throughout your entire life. You have bent over backwards more than likely to give your kids the things that they need but what happens when you can't fix it, you know kids will come up to their parents and say all they've got a boo-boo or they've got something wrong and Mom can kiss it and make it better. I get a Band-Aid or do something moms can continuously fix those kinds of things. There are things that we can handle as parents. But what happens when we come to the end of ourselves and we find ourselves in a situation where we can't fix

Is he Teresa was that he was willing to go to the mat to defend her daughter's on her, but there were things in her daughter's life that she couldn't fix.

That disease had no cure. And she had to sit there and raise her daughter knowing that the life expectancy for someone with her condition is only about 20 years. Can you imagine that? What happens when your kids get sick and you have no recourse there's nothing that you can do what happens when they're bullied at school and there's no easy solution. Nothing that you can fix what happens when they cry out to you for help and you can't do anything last week Charlie got hurt at our house. and I have told some of the story I won't bring it up again because it had to do with her sister her older sister, and I don't want to embarrass her but She was in so much pain. She was crying out Daddy help me help me in as a paradise. There is nothing that I could do. A killed me on the inside because I wanted so much it if I could have thought somebody I would have thought somebody if I could have done anything. I would have done anything to help my child in that moment. And that's part of what it means to raise your kids.

I don't understand. I can I can sing. I don't understand how Teresa might have felt.

But I know someone know of someone who does.

There's a story in Matthew's gospel that tells us exactly what we need to do when we find ourselves, especially when it comes to raising kids at the end of ourselves. That takes place in Matthew chapter 15, and we're going to just read this briefly. says this leaving that place Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and sidon. Their Jesus has left. The cities of Israel he is gone into an area where there were Gentiles now. Why would he do this? Everywhere that Jesus went in Jewish areas. He was famous. He was well known he was surrounded by crowd. He couldn't get a moment's rest. You heard the story of how Jesus went across the lake on a boat and he's fast asleep in the middle of this massive storm. Jesus was exhausted. Can you imagine having your life hounded constantly constantly constantly for those of you her mom's you say? Yes, I have that I deal with that every single day. But Jesus dealt with it on a much more massive scale and he was tired. And so sometimes he would leave these Jewish cities and he would go to these areas where he was not as well-known so that he could have some time with his disciples take a little time off to get some much-needed rest. And so this is what he is doing here. Now, let's continue on it says this Canaanite woman so that even the Jewish woman a Canaanite woman from that vicinity came to him crying out Lord, son of David have mercy on me. My daughter is demon possessed and suffering terribly. So let's stop there. Here's a woman who knows exactly what it's like. I have a situation with her kids her kids. So she wants to give the world to this her daughter. She knows. What does hopeless feeling in the pit of your stomach is like sheep gets it. And she cannot fix it, but she hears that there is someone who can and like any good parents. She is going to do everything that she can to give her child what she needs. Let's continue on. Jesus did not answer. Hayward

Dish Network your she is calling after Jesus. She's calling after his disciples and here is Jesus Jesus normally the kind and compassionate one the one who would try to get away sometimes and then crawls would follow him, and he wouldn't turn them away. He would make sure that they got what they needed here is Jesus doing something that doesn't sound a lot like Jesus. She is asking him for healing for her daughter something that many people had done during Jesus ministry during Jesus life and Jesus would oblige and yet here she is asking if she's calling out and she's crying out, but Jesus is ignoring her. He walks right on by does not even say a word so. Does she give up?

She's not willing for her daughter sake she said ignore me all that you want but for my child. I'm not going to give up and she continues pursuing his disciples and she does this so much and says that his disciples came to Jesus and said Jesus. This lady is driving us nuts. The disciples are not willing to help her either and so is he came to Jesus? Say what you just send her away Jesus we seen you heal so many different things went with no. This is not hard for you what you just give her what she wants because she keeps crying out after us continue. answer I was sent only. To the lost sheep. of Israel now many people look at the story and say while Jesus you're you're really kind of hard hearted and your cold toward this woman. Jesus had been sent for a specific purpose and a specific Mission by God. And it was initially a mission for the people of Israel. But here was this woman. And she was outside. of Israel she was Called a Canaanite and you know anything about the history of Israel and Canaan. They were enemies this woman was considered by many Israelites to be Pagan to be unclean Jews would not associate with Canaanites. They wouldn't go eat at their houses. They were considered to be morally and physically and pure

and it seems at least ride it first. That's here. Is this woman crying out? She's on the outside of religious life. She's on the outside of everything else, but she's continuing to cry out and here is Jesus and he's saying I'm sorry. I am focused on the mission that God has given me but the woman Will not be the turn the mother will not stop she runs ahead of the disciples and she comes and she kneels down before Jesus. And honors one last plea Lord help me. She knows that she has no other choice. No other recourse than to ask Jesus for help and the story continues. He replied. It is not right to take the children's bread and toss it. the dogs now

many people look at this and say that this is one of Jesus most offencive say metier. He was referring to the certain group of people. is juice as the children of the kingdom and what is this woman?

She's considered. A dog anybody like Jesus in this story. Does he seem to be one who's cooperating this he seemed to be the compassionate kind and caring Jesus that we see all throughout the rest of the gospels. What is going on here? Let me tell you what I think is going on.

What are the the nice things or one of the annoying things depending on who you are about having cell phones in this culture especially smartphones is that we communicate a lot through written text. In fact face-to-face conversation is becoming more of a rarity in our culture. How many of you have never ever sent a text message anyone anyone here? Okay, Linda. Okay. So a few of you so those of you who haven't sent a text message you probably aren't going to get right what I'm saying here right at first but I think you'll understand once I'm done. When you send a text message. It's really hard to understand a lot of layers of meaning that go into those words. That's why we have things called emojis. How many of you have never ever use an emoji in your entire life very few of us. Often what I do because I want to be understood as far as the frame of mind of what I'm saying. I can say something and it could still could be said the same words, but it can be taken as I'm angry. I can be taken as I'm happy. It can be taken as I'm just interested. It can be taken in many different things. It's the same words that you have on the page. But the emotion is kind of taken out of it you get that. Do you see that? And so when we read words often, what will do is will try to add that emotion back into what is being said so that we can understand the meaning behind those words. Now what if when Jesus says these words what if he saying them in a bit of a sarcastic way? Does it make a difference if Jesus is saying these words and he's got this big scowl on his face. Like I don't want to help you get away from me your dog or if he is got a smile on his face doesn't make a difference. I think it does. I think it makes a complete difference parents. Sometimes we'll call our kids little heathens won't we? Now do we call our kids heathens because we hate them. Do we call them Heathen now? If I would have called just some of you someone that I don't know or somebody from a different race, if I were to call them he them because of their race or because of something like that that would be wrong that would be taken offensively. But when we call our kids little heathens are we being offencive or is it kind of a term of endearment? It's that way, isn't it? And here is Jesus and he is looking at this woman and I'll talk to you in a minute in a minute about what this teaches us about why Jesus would ignore her in the first place. We'll talk about that in just a little bit, but just think just a second. Here is Jesus and I think he says this with a big smile on his face. He's looking at his daughter. He says. Basically, you are a little heathen.

I don't think it means it. Because what was Jesus mission in the first place? Yes, he was sent for the Jews. But the message was to come through the church through the early Jewish Christians, and it was to spread throughout the entire world. That's why Matthew includes this story. Because just because someone is not Jewish. It does not mean that they are not loved by God. Just because someone is not Jewish. It doesn't mean that they are not worthy of feeling just because someone is not in the acceptable Group whatever acceptable group you might say we can say to see if someone's not in the Church of Christ or just something because someone is not a Christian or just because someone is not this or not that are not the other it does not mean that they are not created and loved by God. And Jesus is looking at this woman and he says. It's not right.

If you're feeding children. For you to take some of the bread that is meant for the children and to give it to the dog if my kid is hungry. And my job as a parent is to feed my child that I'm going to make sure that my kids get everything that they want before. I take some of that food and I give the leftovers to the dog that it's not right to do that. But here's what she says listen to her response because this just shows how much Faith this woman has in this man Jesus is this he says it's not right to say. Yes. It is Lord. Here's Jesus arguing with her and she argues back with God and she says yes, it is Lord. She said even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the master's table hear what she saying. She sang Jesus even though I'm not Jewish even though I wasn't raising a lot, even though all of these things, I believe I believe. At this thing that I'm asking you to do that that's nothing. That's just that's just crumbs. It's not it's not hard for you at all. I believe that you are able. to do this and here's what Jesus s Jesus said to her woman you have great. What? faith your request is granted. Her daughter was healed at that. Moment.

as parents

We want what is absolutely best for our kids and we will fight for we will scratch and we will claw and we will do whatever is necessary to get what our kids need.

But often times do we do the thing that could impact their lives the most because when we come to a situation in our kids life that we can't handle what should we do? What is the best thing that we can do when we come to the end of our mean the end of our talents the end of our ability the end of our resources, the best thing that we can do is go to the God who has all resources and you see sometimes we miss that as parents. Sometimes we're so focused on the Practical and the day today those things are so important and making sure that they're fed and making sure that they need this that and the other making sure that we put them in every extracurricular activity Under the Sun and make sure that we caught them all over the United States so that they can play ball or do this or do that or the other making sure that we do everything for our kids that we missed the fact that we cannot do and be everything for our kids. There are just things that we as parents we as mothers cannot be cannot give cannot do I know the one who can't. And if we as parents are interested really interested in giving our kids the best.

Then you don't have to necessarily.

Run all over this world. You don't have to necessarily go anywhere the best place that you can go. Is down on your knees. Before the God who created you who created them who loves you and who loves them. And raise these issues with him. That's some of y'all side, you know, I pray for my kids and I've tried that maybe your kid is sick and maybe you've pray for healing. Maybe your kid is having a situation at school or maybe your kid is growing and they're they're having a difficult time and you you pray and you pray and you pray and it seems just like God is not listening. What would have happened had this woman when Jesus just walked on by her what would have happened if she had just stopped and walked away? She didn't do that. Why? He was driven by love for her daughter. Yes, but she was also driven by faith in Jesus. She knew yes, she could walk away. But where else is she going to go to who else is going to be able to fix her problem? Who else is going to be able to deal with this situation and so as Jesus and his disciples and his people just continually walked on by what did she do? She kept calling out and she kept calling up and calling up again and again and again and again and again that's in the Bible talk about perseverance in prayer.

Because she was talking to God. When you're talking to Jesus when you're falling down on your knees before Jesus and you say Lord help me. That is a prayer.

And we sang and we've looked at versus this morning about how we will call on the Lord and now he will hear us how he will respond to us. He will not cast us away.

We serve a God who has the ability to move mountains and you look around this room and you look around at the parents in this room, and you see melted you see obstacles you see struggles. Where else are you going to go? Who else is going to be able to fix that for you? Now? This is not some kind of Prosperity Gospel formula type thing to guarantee. The God is just going to always answer your prayers the way that you want. I wish it worked that way it would be wonderful if it worked that way for us be wonderful for us. But God allows these difficulties that allows these hardships in our lives and in the lives of our kids in his Sovereign with him in his according to his will

But that doesn't mean that he doesn't answer some prayers. And it doesn't mean that he doesn't respond to Faith.

And as I sit in this room, I can look out and I can see moms who prayed for their kids for years.

and years and here's and for a long time it looked like God wasn't listening for a long time. It looks like God had ignored the situation for a long time. It looked like nothing would ever change but those kids are sitting in this room right now. It's proof that God listens to our prayers that God is not done.

It's so for those of you who are tired. Those of you parents who have all but given up. I'm hope. The God can do anything in your situation.

I want to encourage you to do what Theresa Brianna's did not attack somebody at the laundromat. but fight for your kid But the greatest battle the greatest weapon that we have in this war. It's not a wrestling against flesh and blood. It is a spiritual battle.

It is a battle where our weapons.

Are the Bible the word of God the sword of the spirit? imprint

And for those of you who were in the middle of this and you are continuing to fight, but you're getting tired and you want to give up. Hope I just want to encourage you the story is not over.

God has heard your prayers. He's not ignoring you. He knows your pain. He knows the pain of your child. He knows these things.

And our faith comes not only in God's ability.

But it comes in his great love for us. Do you know something mom's as much as you love your kid's dad as much as you love your kids.

The God loves them is an invested in their life even more than you are.

Is invested in your life, too. He wants for things to turn well, and so I just want to leave you with this. If you're taking down. You can write this down. Just remember this parents. raising kits requires raising your voice to God and maybe sometimes that means you need to get a little angry that that's fine with that. By the way, I read the Psalms. When they ask how long Lord, how long will you forget me forever? He understands. Your emotions come to him just as you are bring to him all of your thoughts all of your fears all of your emotions all of your desires and trust that he will take those things. And if you trust like this woman at these things that you are asking they're not too hard for God. If you don't trust that these things are just the crumbs just did the outer fringes of what he can do.

The key will always. Always work everything together.

The good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

So when you are thinking about how do I raise my kids? No matter what age they are.

pray for

Another prayers a struggle fight and pray for them.

Because there's no better place and you can go.

and they got

did you pray with?

Heavenly Father Thank you for your words. I thank you for your great love for us. I thank you for mothers. For what they teach us about your love. I thank you for fathers. And for what they teach us about you. Got to thank you so much.

The guy we live in a broken world. We live in a world where there are mountains and obstacles all around us. We live in a world where there are just things that we cannot fix and things that we cannot face and I pray that you would help us today.

Just like this woman cried out and said Lord help us help us to see that our problems no matter how big they might seem to us.

Are mountains are molehills less than molehills are mountains are less than specks of dust on your radar and yet because you love us so much you see them. and got if it is your will and if we trust in you gotta pray that you will move some of those so that we could see just how much you love us, but father even if you don't

even if those things stick around even if they stick around for a long time, I pray that you would help us to continue to pray to continue to trust and continue to fight for those that we love.

I ask all of this. in Jesus name and we stand with me Church.

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