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Hannah's Prayers - 1 Samuel 1-2

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REVIEW - Devoted prayer, the mark of a believer
therefore- the mark of the believing MOM is devoted prayer

1) Hannah’s story

A. Childless

Sad, Faithful, Prays


B. Samuel born

Happy, Faithful, Prays

2) Importance of Hannah’s Relationship to the Lord

Helps that she knows God and how He works

Children are God’s, they are gifts to us, for us to give back to them
Children were God’s, could be redeemed for 5 shekels, and then later re-given to God - symbolism was huge
Hannah’s promise is that of a Nazirite vow, a promise to have Samuel “before the Lord” all his life.

Though Samuel is young, he is taught diligently

Credit to Elkanah for faithfulness, and even allowing Hannah to make her own petitions.
At age of 3, he knows his mother is sincere
She has COVERED him with prayer!
Her prayer is not for her, or for Samuel, but to benefit the Lord and His plan/will
We may pray for our children, but do those prayers reflect what WE want for them, or what GOD wants for them
Are we proud of our children because of them, or are we thankful to God for using them?

3) The Ideal Structure of Moms’ Prayers

An analysis, if you will, prayers in chapters 1 and 2

Pray believing

James 1:6 NASB95
But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.
James 4:3 NASB95
You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.

james 1:6

Hannah Prayed, and God answered exactly, specifically
She prayed with wisdom, believing, God’s will
She named her son for the Lord!

Prayed Thankful - for salvation, v1

Acknowledged God’s Holiness, v2

Relied on God’s Strength, v4

God is strong to the weak, who know they need Him
Moms need Him

Trusted God’s Sovereignty, vv 6-8

Knows that God Protects His Children, v9

God is the Judge

His judgments are pure
He judges, He gives strength


So…Women of faith played a huge, legitimate role in shaping the history of God’s people

So…Women of faith (MOMS!) play a huge, legitimate role in...

...shaping the family

...raising up children to serve Him

A woman of faith (Hannah, you) can trust God in everything, to the end!

Hannah knew what she could control, what she could contribute

Not worried about those around her, although they made her sad, or thought her drunk
Knows the area God has given her to influence
She let God work in her, through her, for Him
She prayed for all those people around her, but she let Gad change her, work in her, and THEN others saw, and could respond in kind


Moms, you have a tough job.
Sorry that we men make that job more difficult for you at times
God knew, in His wisdom, who to give your job to
God knows that, if you submit to HIS strength and control, the lives of your children and those around you will change, for His glory?
Believe it?
Hannah did. She prayed. Oh, how she prayed!
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