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Building the church God intended (Getting our house in order)

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Introduction: I want you to imagine yourself when you just had gotten saved and you were really on fire for God and you wanted everyone to know and you just wanted to go to church and celebrate. You wanted to tell everyone about God. You get the the church ready for worship you can hear the music playing the spirit is high in you just because you made it to church. You get to the church and you are turned away because you don’t fit in. You are called names and pushed aside like you are non-existent. How can this be the case? How can we all be Christians and someone not be welcome to the church? the reality is we are just that way. Even if we don’t speak it some of our actions say that we are just that way. The church has become one of the most divided places in the country on Sunday mornings. And people of the world are not attracted to the church as they should because of the actions of those that are inside of the church. Some churches separate you in the church in order of your income. Other churches alienate you because you may not have the nice clothing and drive the nice cars that they have. Our choir is better than your, our pastor is a bishop, he is anointed. White people generally go to white churches while blacks normally attend churches that are black. Imagine what God sees when he looks down on a body that he went to his ultimate death for and they can’t come together on Sundays.

As we look at this weeks text we see this same thing going on in the church. The Jews had made up in their minds that they were the only ones that were worthy enough to worship God, be in the presence of God because they were God’s chosen people. The even grouped up and called themselves the Jews and everyone else was a Gentile and were not allowed to worship with them. The seperation was devastating to them and many were at the crossroads of their beliefs because they had just joined into this walk and were now being rebuked.

Movement # 1 The reconciler

Paul reminds us that at one point in time were were all on the outside.
The were running the streets and living life with no knowledge of who we were and who’s we were.
We were all Gentiles at some point in our spiritual lives we we so lost navigation couldn’t even find us.
As lost as we were in our own little world of disfunction and destruction God was putting a plan together for the lost.
Christ does four things first he brings us together as one!
Christ brings love, all me that come to him receive the same love.
Christ wipes away the laws and the judgments against us.
God bring us peace by bringing in a new man and that is Christ, he brings the whole body together with no stipulations.
The story has been told of a small church affiliated with an exclusive “splinter” denomination. The members had cut out some gold letters and fastened them on the wall in front of the church. The letters said: “Jesus only.”
One day a gust of wind blew away the first three letters. The sign then read, more accurately: “us only.” Too often this is the case in the church we start off with Good intention but end up being exposed.

Movement#2 Peace vs. 14-18

How many of us are trying to find peace in our lives in some way?
We gain a deeper sense of peace when we realize he gives us daily power to overcome the weight of our troubles.
God calls everyone to now come on the same footing and start the procession to come together as one body.
The body that has been separated torn apart, turned on one another has to now come back together and become one force for Christ.
Christ has now torn down all the barriers that separate us.
God is calling this fractured body to come back together as one.
We are stronger as a body of one opposed to separate parts that have to fight by themselves.
Jews and Gentiles are now called to come together as one people no longer two.
With the joining of the body we gain access to Christ in a way that has not been given to us. Access means to be present with Christ. But church we have to come together.
The Jews thought because they knew scriptures they were fine the Gentiles were too far away to know Jesus......those walls have been torn

Movement#3 Grab on to your identity vs. 19-22

We are no longer strangers to one another in the body.
As the body of believers we are one there is no longer seperation in the body. The enemy has tricked us too long and its time to get it back.
We are now connected as a family.
We are the building blocks of what God is establishing in this city. It’s time to embrace the change.
The church is now a growing organism cornerstones. The church must bring more stones into the church fitting them into the building of God.
One by one the bricks are planted and thus the growth spurt takes place.
The church is to be the place for the troubled to find refuge, spirited, joyful a place of healing!
The church stability lies in each person being placed in the right position.
Closing: How many of us would hire a contractor to build our dream home and she didn’t use blueprints? He built the house outside of your instructions. The foundation was in the wrong place, the wires were in the place where the plumbing was supposed to be. You turn on the water and the garage opens. You would never intrust your dream home to someone like this. Unlike this contractor God would never build his like this he made his foundation Christ, because of this the cornerstone is in alignment, the church will be built the right way with no detail overlooked. The question has to be will you be apart of it?
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