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Matthew 24:45-25:13

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Absent Master

Jesus prophesies about his kingdom and his return frequently in these chapters. It is clear that He is reiterating that the Master will be absent for a while and that the servants the Master leaves behind are in charge of certain things.
#1 What does Jesus leave believers in charge of?
He leaves us in charge of working to spread the message of the gospel, he also requires us to be good stewards of the resources (gifts) He has given us.
Another characteristic element of Jesus’ stories are that the time of His return is uncertain, but also there is an emphasis on waiting. It is often difficult for me to wait, I am an impulsive person and waiting drives me crazy. I am always searching for what i am supposed to be waiting for like a kid on Christmas morning running to open the gifts.
Jesus’ parable of the virgins seems to be describing Israel - not all will know or be spiritually prepared for the coming. We see that the virgins had to work to be ready by preparing enough oil for their lamps as well as trimming them. Though this passage does not specifically interpret the meaning of the oil many commentators see it as representing the Holy Spirit and His work in salvation. Salvation is more than a profession of faith, it also involves the Holy Spirit’s rejuvenating work that the Spirit does in us. those who merely profess to be saved, and o not possess the Holy Spirit within them will be excluded from the kingdom.
#2 What specific things will you do starting now that you had not been doing faithfully so that you are prepared for His coming?
I will be mindful to be present before the Lord so that I can hear His voice directing me in the path i need. I often plow right thru my day without consideration of His will. I need to make Him my priority and not the
to do list”
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