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Ecclesiastes 10

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Foolishness is Dangerous

Girls, if you found dead flies in your perfume, you’d be disgusted right?
Now, if you’re supposed to be wise and there’s foolishness in you, then it will cause your reputation to be diminished.
Fool = in the Bible its mostly an ethical concept..
He is one who lacks the wisdom which comes with the knowledge of God.
You act contrary to what God wants.
You have a general sense of right and wrong, we are all born with a moral compass.
The fool doesn’t have wisdom in his heart, he gravitates toward that which is wrong, and gets in trouble.
People try to correct a fool, but they don’t listen and that tells everybody that person is a fool.
I think that verse 4 is a great life lesson...
When your boss is upset with you, for no good reason.. Don’t get up and cause problems.. Turn the other cheek.
You have to understand that there is something to be learned in every situation.
Solomon has seen fools get raised up to power, while great men get treated like slaves… it’s the same today.
We see many foolish people being raised up into positions that they don’t deserve.
While the most hard working, humble, kind people just get walked over… It’s sad.
As a believer, you should be some of the hardest working people in the room… Because we’re supposed to do everything for Christ.
V. 8-11
Now, here, some are confused by what Solomon meant with these verses.
Most agree that Solomon is a talking about workers who were foolish because of overconfidence… So, they end up hurting themselves or making their own jobs harder.
You have to use wisdom in every aspect of life…
V. 12-15
Solomon point out 4 characteristics of foolish talkers..
1) They use destructive words
Wise people speak graciously
Fools blurt out whatever they want and don’t consider other people around them.
2) They are unreasonable words
When he speaks, he doesn’t make sense… the longer he talks the crazier it becomes.
3) Uncontrolled Words
the Food is full of words without realizing that he is saying nothing.
Jesus said let your yes be yes and no be no.
4) Boastful Words
They talk about the future as if they know it all or that they are in control of what will happen.
Poor is the country who has fools in their leardership, they party first thing in the morning, live to please themselves.
Blessed is the country who has a wise leadership.
Laziness leads to nothing getting done..
V.19 - You are a fool if this applies to you
Is drinking important to you?
Is partying a priority?
Is money the real key to life?
If yes, you are a fool.
Whatever you speak about someone else, like gossip and rumors and crap, it’ll get back to the person.
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