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Sunday Service - Feeding the 5,000

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Will your pastor was just about coming here? We were leaving here. And Angela is Arizona church building beautiful vagina.

Greater than you. God is great.

people hibernate


set my alarm Church in 60 years.

How many times? You're playing at my funeral.

One more thing I noticed.

I saw something I can send it. every third Sunday

You know about that.

Thank you again for being so kind. Okay, we're looking at March after 6 this morning.

when studying stock

underway by themselves

Jesus restored in living room

because they were like sheep without a Shepherd. He began teaching them anything. I didn't hear the setting of where we are at Menards. live in our generation

fingers crossed

Maybe that's why.

They can't defend themselves.

Can you imagine?

You're not going to make it not going to make it.

Places in it's already very late.

Cheap leather Chevrolet not going to make it to heaven.

stock quote our generation

greatest generation I don't even like to watch a movie.


Where can I buy? What kind of people?

20-25 people maybe

we visit their homes in the afternoon because we also listen to the people that live inside of a house.

We talked to the My Sunshine.

All the way up to the glass grass high rise buildings in downtown, Milwaukee.

We found some of those educated degrees.

Our Generation today

something happen again

North Korea

box jump record Chase's Corner Shepherd, they need help. I need somebody to come and help them. reverse 36 description of how people send the people awake

Jesus said to send them away. What a country 99.

Can I have the administrator?

You know what?


did you give them something to eat?

They said the internet.

Gospel say 5000 man.

Disciple said send them away.

68 months old

He probably didn't have enough money in it.

Where you going to find food?

You can go into Walmart Supercenter.

Basically said we can't do this. We haven't got that it was impossible to pick her up.

In our family we going to do this.

Come up with one idea.


How many loads do you have? What do you mean?

well, I never


So I'll take her to see what they have no hair.

ringleader of the Promised Land call this whole thing started with Moses. Luxury Francis Barrel run for his life. What is it called?

the desert

Egyptians despise

Google spell 48


What's the number to Moses?

Or to be all Lord, please.

We started.

We can't do this anymore.

Do you want to sign?

Respond, and he's able to be a great leader.

Can you feed and see what you have see what you had?

What time is it?

Almost want to say you're lying.

Sitting at the table in the kitchen.

How long how long to work?

Not going to do it.

Give any room in your freezer.

hamburger and whatever

I order something and I want something a little situation for other things.

Bruce 41 Mark 6 Taking the 5 rules in the tooth.

Christmas radio station number

you don't like they were never going to have it.

knapsack truck Oxford

What is a stipend?

You did not say you got to be kidding. That's all you got.

That story was on all over the Bible.

Are you guys at your house?

Go to work. standing at the Red Sea

I don't need.

Just bring what you got.

And I believe I can fly during the day.

Who was one one? I'm going to wait and came back later.

Entering the joys of the god of high school.

the gospel music

How do you spell vandalism?

Find directions to Winter Park.

Sometimes it's the one telling people. What can I do?

I probably said this year when I was here.

You know what? I mean? miracle in the Bible ugly

Can you show me somebody was involved with somebody?

You're going to need a lunch to feed 5000 or 10000 people.

You know what?

Did Moses part the Red Sea with a stick?

Goldendoodle pictures

the song is called what? Don't wake me up

I wish you would just do it Lord do it because

I can't do it.


One day in the office of a phone call.

609 Could you please call me?

I said, okay.

I wish I could say that I went went out there. But I didn't. Where am I going to be?

I kind of didn't want to be there.

I don't know what I said. I just before I got that frame.

I heard myself saying in a very long voice God bring this man back to Jesus before he died.

Everybody Hurts all the nurse call Hancock. It's not like me. Shy by Nature.

Call me if you need me.

on writing Stephen Curry

Rock of Ages

About 20 minutes ago.

He said he said when he said if you and you are wearing my television want to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

Jesus Christ my savior about 20 minutes ago.

Silver Springs

What is a what is a text to Living Water?

white green yellow black stripes on the side

Just give me what you got. Somehow I can make that work if I can beat that ass in it.

I want you to do.

How are you?

Sometime if you like. You know what? That's not for Speed. I think it's essential to realize in myself. I don't have it. because if I start getting somewhere in my life, I feel like I

What you doing?

I can do this.

Show me Hector wife.

16 people

responses 1 responses

Cuz I can.

everyone of us

You going to leave me here when we were here?

What uses?

Give me a hundred.

season 7 your freedom

I don't have everything Drake shirts. wife and family mustachio What are matter to be here most people are going forward in Jesus name? Was a lot of people here that I'm already. I can't do it with God can if you'll do it if I was

we thank you for that knowing Jesus.

Joel thank you so much for

not weather

Before Christ we can make calls.

Thank you for your dedication.

workout, I think you could

Lord I pray that you would continue to bring the power of healing

Or that you would continue use. Define minister at your church. Lord I pray that you wear that this would be up for a while.

Just shut everything off.

6 p.m.

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