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We want to become people that others say about us, They were with Jesus...
Complaining makes us un-attractive to believers and to unbelievers.
It will kill our witness.
It will drive people away from us.
The problem is that complaining is a difficult habit to break because it’s so easy to do.
It’s part of our Natural makeup.
It’s also part of our conditioning as we grow up in our culture.
Paul is telling us to live in a manner worthy of the Gospel.
So what does the Bible say about it… specifically about complaining.
One thing it says is that we should not grumble and complain.
Four Types of Complainers
The Whiner: David
These people just wake up negative.
Whiners go around saying that things just are not fair… kind of like I did today on FB about the refereeing in the Pelicans ands the Warriors games so far.
Jesus is saying here that life isn’t fair.
God never said life is fair.
It will be fair in heaven, but not here.
And as long as you complain about life not being fair - you will be miserable.
2. The Martyr: Moses
The favorite saying of these folks is that “no one appreciates me.”
The people always have pity parties.
When things don’t go their way, they let everyone know about it.
3. The Cynic: Solomon
Their favorite saying is … nothing ever changes…
4. The Perfectionist: too many people
Fav Phrase - Is that the best you can do?
Don’t you want excellence?
These verses speak of both men and women.
Nothing is ever right and these people always argue.
In a family, nothing will destroy it faster than constant nagging and complaining.
If you kids are complaining too much… take a look at yourself.
How We Can Conquer the Tendency to Complain
1. Admit the tendency to complain is a problem.
That’s the first thing we have to do… confess it as a sin.
This is probably the hardest thing we have to do… recognize the problem in ourselves and admit it.
If someone recorded you for a week, what would it reveal about your speech?
positive… negative?
Circle Admit and confess.
Complaining isn’t just a bad habit or tendency… it’s sin and it’s serious.
When the Israelites were out in the desert, God did not let a whole generation go into the promised land because they complained and grumbled.
Admit it and confess it.
2. Accept responsibility for my own life.
A lot of time, complaining is an attempt to blame other people for the problems we create.
It gets the focus off of us and onto someone else.
Don’t complain about how the ball bounces when you are the one that dropped it.
Too often, we complain in an effort to be irresponsible in our lives.
When I get myself into a mess, I have no right to complain.
We are all free to choose what we will do in our lives… how we react… what we say… etc. God gives us the ability and the right to choose.
But once you make the choice, you are no longer free.
screen only
You are free to make the choice, but not free from the consequences of that choice.
People complain about being in debt after they spend money on New Everything...
People say they are not appreciated at home… work.
Are you being appreciative of others.
We reap what we sow.
What you want live to give you - sow it.
Screen only
Three types of people in life
It’s your fault… Adam… that woman you gave me...
I am a product of my environment or upbringing.
It’s not my fault...
Successful in life and take responsibility for their lives and choices.
3. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude.
Circle ALL
Be thankful IN all situations.
He did not say for all situations.
Some things are BAD… EVIL.
But God will bring good out of them.
We learn to be grateful for what we have.
This is a big antidote for complaining.
This doesn’t mean that you don’t do your best and try to improve your life… careers.. etc.
We are to be different than the culture that complains because they didn’t get their way.
That’s maturity.
4. Look for God’s hand in circumstances.
If you want victory over complaining, look for God’s hand in your circumstances.
Paul says that although there are problems that come into our lives, the way you and I look at them determines our attitudes.
God is always working for your good and His glory.
Every problem is temporary in light of the reality of eternity.
When I complain, I am basically saying that if I were God, I would do...
Complaining is rebellion.
When I complain,
I am questioning God’s wisdom.
I am doubting God’s love.
I am forgetting God’s goodness.
Often the things that I personally complain about the most, are often the very things God knows I need the most in order to become all that He wants me to be.
It is a warning light of God.
He's saying, "There's something wrong here.
Let's change it.
Stop complaining.
Start changing!"
The only way you change other people is by changing yourself.
Then they have to react to you differently.
5. Practice Speaking Positively.
Complaining is a sin and a habit.
The only way to stop it is to replace it with a good habit - speaking positively.
The Bible says that we will give an account of every word we speak.
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