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Our Covenant of Promise

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Last night was Passover. Passover is a covenant and we must keep it. Why? God has a long-range plan for this Earth and we have a choice to be a part of it or not. We received this life we have now as a free gift, no obligations, no guarantees. God does not compel us; we have the choice to not use this life for the pleasures of this world and invest it instead to gain future life, and He has arranged for this to be done by covenant. A covenant is a contract or promise. Each covenant is 2 sided, each party has obligations and benefits. Our obligations are tiny and our benefits are huge! That's the mercy of the Lord. We have NOTHING to give God that he doesn't already have or can make more of at His own will. Listen in to hear how God works in covenant, what God's side is, what our side is and how to sign (or seal) this covenant. We have VERY little to give up, and an eternity to gain. How marvelously fair is God's plan! And this plan is SURE!

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