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Jesus Transfigured: A Preview of His Second Coming

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A supernatural vision, Jesus’ transfiguration was for Peter, James and John (and us!) a preview of Jesus' second advent. We review the background of the events surrounding this vision and the associated metaphors. Even though Jesus had just disclosed to them that He would soon suffer and be killed, the future was bright. He would be resurrected, be taken to heaven, and come again in glory. And they would see His glory! This vision helped them (and us) in many ways! The voice from Heaven affirms the certainty of Jesus’ mission, work and future. We review Peter's personal eyewitness testimony as he wrote many years later of his absolute certainty of faith. Explore this miraculous event with us and use it for a tremendous increase of your own faith in the surety of Divine predictions! The strongest message attached to this event? LOOK AHEAD! Jesus is coming soon!

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