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Noah and the Ark

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God hates the sin of the world and judges it with the flood. But out of His grace, He chooses Noah to carry on humanity and promises never again to flood the earth. God's plan of dealing with sin involves grace and heart change, not destruction and death.

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Somehow how frame the sermon that, “In light of the way God views sin and His mission of Grace, we should take sin seriously and also spread this Gospel of Grace”
God’s necessary response to sin is righteous judgment, but His solution to sin is Grace.

Background Information

Just explain Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Lamech murdering someone, violent cities, and oppression against women

God Hates Sin and Must Judge It

Lets talk about sin
What does sin do?
Sin takes us captive
Sin corrupts us completely
Sin makes so that “every intent of the thoughts of our hearts are only evil continually.”
Sin is not some sort of small part of our lives or a little cubby where we make bad decisions. Its much worse than that. Sin takes us captive, controls our thoughts, and changes our very nature. Its evil and horrible. It darkens our thinking, our decision making, and our ability to truly know God.
And sadly, sin is the corruption of the image God gave us. Its a blurring of it. It causes us to rebel against God, to destroy His creation, to bring pain and suffering and shame that was never meant to be, and it causes us to turn from God.
What is God’s response?
God hates sin.
God is grieved in His Inner Self. To the utmost depths God is grieved by sin. God looks down on His good creation who have gotten themselves into such a mess. They now hate God, rebel against Him, and are destroying and enslaving one another. Its genuinely sad.
Sin is so bad that God regretted making humanity and realized just how bad the situation it was.
God’s good creation has rebelled against Him
God hates sin with a passion and His necessary and natural response to sin is righteous judgment.
God, with the flood, is ending the misery of sin which causes Him grief, while at the same time forcing humanity to pay for their rebellion. God takes sin seriously.
There is something both comforting and scary about this
It is comforting because it means, when all is said and done, God will judge sin and make right what is wrong.
Like cmon, you know you’ve asked the question before, “How can a good God just let all of this evil go unpunished!? How can He let this happen?”
And we feel this need for justice. I mean you feel this all of the time! You hear a news story about some guy murdering someone or mistreating dogs or something and immediately you’re like, “This man should be imprisoned and tortured forever.” And then you’re like, “Whoa that was dark. Where did that come from!?”
But for real, we look around us and we see friend’s lives taken away because of bullying, we see our own lives suffer under hardships, you witness parents mistreat their children. We hear stories of shootings, of mass oppression, of entire countries starving their populations and just think, “Something has to be done!” God will judge sin and He will make everything right. God will get the last word because God takes sin seriously enough to judge it.
But there is another aspect to this. If God takes sin so serious as to send this flood out and kill almost everyone, we need to see if our attitude towards sin is the same as God’s.
Have you ever heard of the disease where people can’t feel pain? Its called CIP. Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. This is where people have never felt pain in their lives! That sounds amazing doesn’t it? Like you never have to feel pain again! Their numb to it. But in reality, this insensitivity to pain is destructive. This people often hurt themselves without realizing it and they have no natural way to know if something is wrong with their bodies. So often, we don’t sin as serious as we should. Its like we’ve become numb to the reality of the seriousness of sin and just how destructive it really is. If you don’t recognize the seriousness of sin and its destructiveness in your life, then you’ll never feel the sense to stop doing it until its too late!
When we adapt a view of sin thats in line with God’s (One where God sees the destructiveness of sin and rebellion against Him and HATES it) then we begin to more seriously avoid and attack it.
Give examples of how we sort of “dance around with sin” and “Play with fire” because we aren’t taking sin seriously.
Others just make poor decisions that easily lead to sin (hanging with wrong crowd, loose with what we watch, listen to, etc.) that can easily lead to sin.
But mere “Lets try harder” isn’t good enough. If we’re truly enslaved by our sin before Jesus, then whats the true solution to our sin?

Summarize Flood Story

Really explain the depravity of sin, how we were all once there
Show the destructiveness of sin. How horrible it is and how it leads us to hurt one another. Show how far away we truly were and how we didn’t have one single good intention. There was nothing redeemable about us
God is a Holy God. He created us in His image and now that image was twisted and marred. God knew He needed to judge sin.
Really address the seriousness of sin here. God’s necessary response to sin is righteous judgment.

Summarize Flood Story

God’s Grace to Noah and the whole world shows that His plan is Redemption/Restoration not Destruction

Show how God’s necessary response to sin is righteous judgment, but God’s ultimate solution to sin is Grace.
God wants to forgive you of your sin
Its because of God’s grace, His unmerited favor, that He forgives us.
Show God’s grace to Noah:
We deserve death and destruction. We deserve to pay for rebelling against God.
In our sinful state, there is literally NOTHING good about our hearts.
We are destructive and hurtful and sinful. And yet, God still remains faithful and committed to us to provide us eternal life!
Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord
Noah and his family recieved rightness with God based on Noah’s righteousness
God viewed Noah as righteous because he trusted Him, not because he was perfect
God was gracious enough to not end humanity, even though he could have literally just wiped them out and ended this whole thing. Instead, He kept humanity alive to give them another chance.
God was gracious to Noah by walking with Him, talking with Him, and entrusting him to start humanity over
Finally, God was gracious to all of humanity by vowing to never again to use the earth to destroy all of life. God instead decided that He was going to solve this sin problem a different way.
If God wasn’t going to just destroy all of humanity and be done with it, and if God takes sin very seriously, then God decided not to destroy sinful humanity but restore sinful humanity.
He does this through His grace. The grace He showed Noah and all of humanity is what He is showing us. If man’s sinful heart got them into this mess, then God was just going to have to fix their sinful heart.
Break a led pencil in front of them. Say how its cheap and broken and the easiest thing to do is just to throw it out. Then try to tape it back together again or do something to try and fix it. “But God chose to take us, a broken people, and do the hard thing and put us back together again from our brokenness.”
Through a new baptism, God wants to wash you clean, forgive you of your sins, make you a new creation, and give you the purpose of a new creation to take God’s Kingdom to the ends of the earth.
Remember, God HATES sin and will wash it clean with water. He wants to wash you clean and send you out to rid sin of the earth!
If we look at the dove which Moses uses to see if the earth is ready for the new creation to inhabit, we see the Dove (representing the Holy Spirit) finally enter the world to not come back to Noah.
First, explain all of the NT references. Reference 1 Peter about the flood being baptism and show how the dove represent the Holy Spirit.
He is patient and is waiting for as many people as possible to come home to Christ!
This signifies the ability for the “new creation” to enter the land
Show how God, through his death, resurrection, cleansing flow, and indwelling Spirit has given you forgiveness, a brand new heart, and the ability to obey Him.
How God wants to take the broken parts of your lives affected by sin and wash you clean of that and begin restoring you back to who you were originally intended to be in God’s image.
We have the Holy Spirit as our help and guide! He wants to empower us and lead us in the way of a New Creation, as well as leading others to become new creations!
Really make a big deal of God here and His grace. Just make this a time of worship for Him.
So what does this mean for us?
That if you’re struggling right now with sin or with the negative effects of sin (brokenness, insecurity, health problems, anxiety, depression, etc) God is working to heal you and your brokenness
We have no excuse to stay in our sin, because God’s grace is wanting to pull you out of the destructiveness of your sin!
And in all of this, our sin is only fixed by God’s grace and His indwelling Spirit! Remember, you were darkened in your thinking and lost in your sin. Its by God’s grace that you were saved and its by God’s grace that you’re being saved.
And heres the good news! Its also by God’s grace and that one day you will saved. He is coming back for you and all of redeemed humanity to fully complete the work He has started here on earth!

The Great Commission is our mission, just as Adam and Noah were sent to be God’s representatives

The Great Commission is our mission, just as Adam and Noah were sent to be God’s representatives

Show the similarities of Adam and Eve’s role, Noah as a second Adam, and then the Great Commission as repurposing of God’s people with similar themes of God’s people representing Him and taking ground His Kingdom
“If God takes sin so serious to judge it, yet has offered us His Grace as the solution, then we should want to spread this Grace to everyone that we come in contact with! In fact, the Great Commission says that its our God-given purpose!”
Show video of Nick Vujicic. Comment on how he had a severe disability. There was so much wrong. But he has overcome. Tell them about what they don’t know is that Nick’s source of motivation and healing from his bitterness is his love for Jesus. Nick doesn’t just speak motivationally, but he speaks about how the grace of Jesus picked him up in his lowest point and saved him and gave him a purpose.
You and all have a story. We were all broken sinners. And there may be still some things in your life that you wish weren’t there or that you struggle with! Maybe you don’t have sin in your life, but you still feel the sting of your sin, just like Nick can’t escape his condition. But by the grace of God you’ve been saved, changed, and found your purpose of God taking you from your sinfulness and changing you for the better! And now you have a story to tell.
Show the mission of our lives is one where we should take this good news of what Jesus has done in us wherever we go!
Our families
Random person
Missions trips
And this is why we believe in miracles! God’s Kingdom is here. His grace is here. We believe God wants to use you to reverse overall sin through salvation, and also to reverse the negative affects of sin (brokenness, anxiety, sickness, demon possession, demonic oppression, etc.)
He is patient and is waiting for as many people as possible to come home to Christ!
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