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A = A Title.

Create a memorable title that clearly identifies the main message of the passage.

B = Best Verse.

Chose the key or most important verse of the passage. Explain why.

C = Context and Cross-references.

Note any relationships between:
The passage (paragraph or pericope) before the study passage
The study passage
The passage (paragraph or pericope) after the study passage
All cross references and footnotes listed in your Bible for the study passage

D = Difficulties.

Make note of any words, phrases or verses you find difficult to understand or to explain to someone else. Be specific about what you have trouble with. Use whatever resources you have access to and see if you can solve the mystery. (We can address these in class if you like.)
Most High God
To us, the one true, triune God
To those in the community, the highest god among their pantheon of Roman gods.
What was the problem Paul might have perceived by the statements of the demon?
If Roman god - the gospel would be misrepresented.
If triune God - people would not want to listen to Paul because of their prejudice against Jewish customs (v. 21)

E = Essentials.

Outline or summarize the most important point(s) of the passage.
Genre/Narrative > Plot Outline:

F = Final thoughts.

Write out a summary of what you have learned from the study passage and how studying this passage has or will help you grow to be moe like Jesus.
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