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It’s Time to Bounce Back

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If you have ever played sports you know what it means to bounce back. You have suffered a defeat and you need to come back with a win. In the business world if you have suffered a set back you need to bounce back with a profitable day. The title of today’s message is IT’S TIME TO BOUNCE BACK. You can allow circumstances in your life to become set backs or opportunities to bounce back.

John 10:10
“The thief (Satan) does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.”

To steal- means to pilfer through, to take away from, to whip, to embezzle, to pick pocket.

To kill- means to slaughter, to eradicate, to take life away from

To destroy- means to wipe out, to demolish, to devastate, to tear down or to level the ground.

Satan’s main agenda is to cause us to fall. I picture it like this:
Any attack he brings is meant to tear you down, to level you to the ground, to demolish you and devastate you. It’s like running full steam ahead and he puts something in your path to take life away from you and to whip you. He means for it to be a weight that pulls you down. He wants that divorce to devastate you. The rest of your life, He intends to frustrate you in your finances. His plan is for your relationships to be rotten. He figures the pain of your past is enough to bury you.

God says it’s Time to Bounce Back. Don’t allow it to bury you allow it to propel you toward your destiny. Don’t let it suffocate you let it spring you forward into your calling. Don’t let it get leverage in your life but rather allow it to vault you into the next opportunity for promotion.

Say it together: IT’S TIME TO BOUNCE BACK!
Tell your neighbor: IT’S TIME TO BOUNCE BACK!

Today, together, let’s look at some situations in scripture where men did not allow the situations in their lives bury them, but they BOUNCED BACK from them. Got your Bibles out? Good! Let’s look at the Word together!

I. Samson…He bounced back after lying in the lap of a woman. Judges 16
a. Killed 1000 Philistine men with a donkeys jawbone
b. Tore the gates off the city walls
c. Captured 300 foxes and lit their tails on fire torched the grain fields of the Philistines
Judges 16:4 he falls in love with a woman.

Vs 6. Delilah asks where his great strength came from and what needed to be done to bind his strength.

Men look out. Satan has a woman out there for all of us. He wants to use her to take away our strength. He wants to use her to devastate you and me, to tear us down and level us to the ground. (Woman you look out and make sure Satan isn’t using you as the trap for men. Even innocently)

Verses 7-16 he toys with her and plays with her each time getting closer and closer to revealing where his strength came from.

Verse 17 says “…he told her all his heart…” that is when he fell.

Verse 21 they captured him put his eyes out and made him grind at the mill. GOING IN CIRCLES. Don’t let it bury you.

Verse 22 the hair of his head began to grow again.

Samson could have died grinding at the mill going in circles. Men that is where a lot of you are. Going in circles allowing the sin that does so easily beset you keep coming back up and defeating you. As long as you grind at the mill and keep going around and around at the mill with the same problem you will DIE there. Don’t let it bury you BOUNCE back from it. Don’t allow it to tear you down, let it PROPEL you toward your destiny. Look what Samson did. He bounced back and did more to the enemy at the end than he ever did his entire life.

Verse 27 says there was 3000 people gathered together to mock Samson, they didn’t realize his hair had grown back and he was about to bounce back.

Verse 28 Samson asks the Lord to remember Him and the Lord recognized Samson and restores his strength.

Verse 30-31 he pushes with all his might and pushes over the temple of the Philistines and kills more at his death than in his entire life. Bounce back. Samson I believe went to be with the Lord because HE BOUNCED BACK. If he had died going in circles he would have never made it to heaven.
Samson Bounced back and it brought his final BLOW to the enemy
Touch your neighbor and tell them

II. Job…He bounced back after losing everything he had. Job 42
a. Chapter 1 Job loses His property and children
b. Chapter 2 he loses his health
c. Chapter 7 Job has no comfort in his loses nor friends
d. Chapter 13 though he slay me yet will I serve him
e. Chapter 15 accused of foolishness and stupidity
f. Chapter 22 accused of being wicked

Job Bounced back Job 42:10 says “And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends”
How many of us could lose everything and keep on going. Could God trust us enough to take everything from us and think we would still serve him? Job said even if God killed him he was going to keep on trusting in him. Hey, I’ve got a word from heaven for you today. IT’S TIME TO BOUNCE BACK from it.

Listen! If you lose your home you can bounce back from it.
If you’ve lost your children to the world, give em to God and bounce back from it.
Don’t let this sickness bury you let faith rise up in you and bounce back from it.
Don’t let the devastation of divorce depress you, bounce back and determine to reach your destiny.
Don’t let the frustration over your finances keep a frown on your face, bounce back from it and find freedom in your finances by giving to God.
Don’t let the rotten relationships your in ruin you, bounce back and reach out to a right relationship with the Redeemer.
Don’t let the pain of the past pull you down, bounce back and press toward the promises of God.

Somebody scream: It’s TIME TO BOUNCE BACK

Because Job prayed for his friends and he bounced back God restored double everything he had lost. If you will bounce back God will take care of you. If you complain about your circumstances Satan will whip you and take life away from you. If you will rise up and bounce back just like verse 12 says about Job, God will bless your latter days more than your beginnings.
Job Bounced back and it brought Blessings
There are blessings ahead for you child of God but you can’t go around being buried by your problems you have to bounce back and receive the blessings. Without bouncing back there are no blessings. Job 8: 7 says God will take a loss and turn it into a great gain. You have to get positioned for that gain. We have to reverse it. Satan wants the loss to bring us down, God wants to reverse it and use it to propel you into prosperity. (Mini-tramp)

III. Peter…he bounced back after denying Christ. John 18:17-27
a. Peter denied Jesus first time to a servant girl. Vs. 17
b. Peter denied Jesus a second time to those around the fire. Vs. 25
c. Peter denied Jesus a third time to a servant of the high priest. Vs. 26-27

Deny- the greatest definition I can find for this word is to give up on. When Peter denied Jesus he was giving up on Him. How many times have we quit? How many times have we given up and thrown in the towel? Peter was giving up on Jesus, yet Jesus went all the way to the cross for even Peter, knowing Peter had denied Him. He died for you and He died for me, and we still fail him and give up on Him. When the going gets tuff, when problems arise, and storms come we give up, we quit, and we deny the POWER OF GOD.

Peter bounced back after denying Christ. In Acts 2we know that Peter bounced back because he was in the upper room and was filled with the Holy Ghost and fire. By verse 14 we see that because
Peter bounced back it brought BOLDness.
He stands up in verse 14 and begins to preach. His preaching brought 3000 to Christ that day. What if he had quit on God? What if he never bounced back after denying Jesus? Souls were at stake. He had to bounce back. (MARCUS to Organ)

Come on lets quit quitting on God, bounce back. You think you are on your way down, tell the devil he is a liar and you’re bouncing back. Reverse this thing on the devil. (MINI TRAMP) Tell the devil to watch out and start bouncing back. The more you bounce back the higher you will go. You are going up not down. You are springing forward toward your future not backward. You are launching into your destiny not loafing in your past.

Tell the devil enough is enough, I am the head and not the tail I am going over not under I am pressing toward the mark of the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. I am sick of being sick I am tired of being tired. I’ve been broke long enough, I have been depressed and discouraged long enough. I have been in my last bad relationship. Devil, I won’t allow you to cause me to deny God’s power any longer, I am no longer in bondage to the bottle I don’t have a need for the nicotine any longer. The power of pornography is not going to hold me back any longer.


I am being propelled into my promotion; I am springing forward to my destiny. I am going higher higher, higher with the LORD!! I’m reversing this thing on the devil. I am not going down I am going up because I am Bouncing Back.

David bounced back after adultery
Daniel bounced back after the Lion’s Den
Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego bounced back after the fiery furnace.
Jacob bounced back after wrestling with the angel.
Noah bounced back after the flood.
Abraham bounced back after offering Isaac.
Paul bounced back after shipwreck and imprisonment
Jesus bounced back after facing Satan in the wilderness.
Some of you have bounced back
Peggy bounced back after her son was killed
Joe is bouncing back from cancer
Cheryl you bounced back after divorce.
Chris you bounced back after battling drugs and alcohol.
Rebecca you bounced back after fighting depression.

What do you need to bounce back from today? Allow the thing in your life that seems to be the biggest battle become the very thing that causes you to bounce back. Let it propel you and thrust you into your future.

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