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On Being God's Servant: Vitalities

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Vitality Defined:

a : the peculiarity distinguishing the living from the nonliving
b : capacity to live and develop; also : physical or mental vigor especially when highly developed

Vitality 1: Serve in the Shadow of God’s Giants 1:1-2

God Does not Go out of Business Just because His Best Servant Died v.1
God’s business was specific to the need of the moment, cross this Jordan v. 2

Vitality 2: Serve in the Light of God’s Promises 1:3-6

Your God has given you the land-take it! v.3
Your reward is great-enjoy it! (Great Sea, Great River, and everything in between) v. 4
Your God is ever present, therefore no one can stand before you-trust Him! v. 5
Your strength and courage derives from God-use it! v. 6

Vitality 3: Serve in the Strength of God’s Word 1:7-9

Be strong and courageous by being careful to do according to all the Law of Moses v. 7
Learning and doing God’s Word will result in prosperity (advancement) and success (prudent) v. 8
God is with you wherever you go v. 9

Vitality 4: Serve in the Company of God’s People 1:10-18

Servant Leadership is All About Getting God’s People Engaged
God’s People need guidance in what to do vv. 10-11
All Segments of God’s People need to be engaged vv. 12-15
God’s People have a Responsibility to Obey and a Right to Godly Leadership vv. 16-18
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