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Holy Spirit Pt.1

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New series! Hopefully get a couple teachings out of this.
We are going to be learning about the Holy Spirit.
It seems that a lot of times, we forget who the Holy Spirit is..
He seems to be the forgotten part of the Godhead.
But, that’s not how it’s supposed to be!
The Holy Spirit is here for a reason and purpose, Jesus didn’t promise the Helper for no reason!
Jesus promised another comforter.. The comforter being The Holy Spirit..
1 key: The Holy Spirit is a He. Not just some force, but He is God.
Jesus said the Holy Spirit will be IN you!
This is important… IN the OT, the Holy Spirit would only empower some believers for a special task and then leave.
I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have the Holy Spirit come upon me, but then leave after I finish my job… That would suckkkkk,
2 Key: The Holy Spirit is Invisible
You wouldn’t know Radio waves unless we had a radio...
You can’t know the Holy Spirit without giving your life to Jesus.
The Holy Spirit is invisible and can only be known if you profess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
3 Key: The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth (v.26)
The Holy Spirit mediates God to believers (15:26; 16:13)
He will teach you and remind you of what The Word of God says..
So, Jesus is meeting with His disciples and He tells them that He’s going away… So the disciples are bummed, because they have the Messiah with them.
However, Jesus tells them , “It’s best that I go, because then The Comforter, will come.”
Why was it important that Jesus left?
If he stayed, he couldn’t be everywhere at 1 time… Since, He left, now He is with every believer because the Holy Spirit.
If we look at V.8, we will see one of the Holy Spirits jobs...
One of the Holy Spirit’s Job is to convict the world of sin.
What is conviction?
It’s not just simply the shame and guilt feeling… It’s more than that. Those are feelings experienced by everyone.
The word convict is a translation of the Greek word elencho, which means “to convince someone of the truth; to reprove; to accuse, refute, or cross-examine a witness.” The Holy Spirit acts as a prosecuting attorney who exposes evil, reproves evildoers, and convinces people that they need a Savior.
But what exactly do we mean by the term conviction? Conviction means “the act or process of convincing,” “the state of being convinced,” or “a fixed or strong belief.” Thus, by biblical conviction we mean convictions or beliefs derived from and based on a commitment to Scripture, the Bible. As God’s Holy Word, it is the absolute index for the whole of our lives—faith and practice.
To be convicted is to feel the sheer loathsomeness of sin. This happens when we’ve seen God’s beauty, His purity and holiness, and when we recognize that sin cannot dwell with Him (). When Isaiah stood in the presence of God, he was immediately overwhelmed by his own sinfulness: “Woe to me! . . . I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips . . . and my eyes have seen the King, the LORD Almighty” ().
To be convicted is to experience an utter dreadfulness of sin. Our attitude toward sin becomes that of Joseph who fled temptation, crying out, “How could I do this great evil and sin against God?” ().
We are convicted when we become mindful of how much our sin dishonors God. When David was convicted by the Holy Spirit, he cried out, “Against you, you only, have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight” (). David saw his sin primarily as an affront to a holy God.
We are convicted when we become intensely aware of the wrath it exposes to our souls (; ). When the Philippian jailer fell at the apostles’ feet and cried, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” he was under conviction (). He was certain that, without a Savior, he would die.
When the Holy Spirit convicts people of their sin, He represents the righteous judgment of God (). There is no appeal of this verdict. The Holy Spirit not only convicts people of sin, but He also brings them to repentance (; ). The Holy Spirit brings to light our relationship to God. The convicting power of the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to our sin and opens our hearts to receive His grace ().
We praise the Lord for the conviction of sin. Without it, there could be no salvation. No one is saved apart from the Spirit’s convicting and regenerating work in the heart. The Bible teaches that all people are by nature rebels against God and hostile to Jesus Christ. They are “dead in trespasses and sins” (). Jesus said, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him” (). Part of that “draw” to Jesus is the conviction of sin.
So, the spirit works in the unbelievers lives to convert to Christianity.
So.. The Holy Spirit is always working, even when we don’t think so.
So, since the Holy Spirit is always working, what should we do?
We should be busy being a witness and sharing God with people!
People are dying without the Gospel and what happens? They go to hell…
Think about this… Your closest friend going to hell, because you did not share the word…
Your parents, siblings, or whoever… Going to hell, because you were scared.
You, yourself, going to hell because you really don’t believe in Jesus, you just fake it…
Just because you sit here on Sundays and Wednesdays doesn’t mean you’re saved.
Apart from putting all your hope and faith in Christ, you cannot be saved…
If you don’t have the Holy Spirit, you’re not saved…
You have to do a heart check and make sure that you are saved…
Altar Call:
With everyones eyes closed and heads bowed…
Who here is unsure of their salvation?
Who here knows they aren’t saved but want to be?
How are you saved? By believing in Jesus..
Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord (). And say what you feel about this: “I receive him. I love him. He is my God. He is my Lord. He is my treasure.” Confess that. -John Piper
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