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The Plea for Justice

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5 The Plea for Justice

I. The praying—vv.

A. Approach—v. . Approaching God in prayer. Compare . We can call upon His name at any time.

B. Attention—v. . Listen to my prayer—I will pray only unto my true God. Note the steps to prayer—.

C. Attitude—v. . God’s attitude—willingness to hear. Our attitude—faith!

II. The punishment—vv.

A. Purity—v. . God is holy and sinless—. He wants us to be pure.

B. People—v. . The proud cannot escape God’s eye. God will punish all sinners—.

C. Punishment—v. . God’s judgment falls on the deceitful. See the list of sinners—.

III. The praise—vv. ,

A. Praise—v. . Coming into the Temple to worship God. Note .

B. Plea—v. . Desire to be led by the Lord. This pleases God. See , ; .

IV. The personality—vv. ,

A. Character—v. . Their character is far from God’s, and this does not please God. They follow sin and Satan.

B. Consumption—v. . All sinners will be destroyed by God in His judgment. Compare . God is merciful, but He must condemn those who do not repent.

V. The pleasure—vv. ,

A. Rejoicing—v. . Those who trust in the Lord will rejoice. Compare .

B. Reward—v. . God will bless and reward those who trust in Him. Compare .

Pentz, C. M. (1974). Sermon Outlines from the Psalms (p. 17). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.
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