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Installation service for Asst. Pastor

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Installation Service - Associate Pastor

(Call Pastor Von to stand before the Congregation)
Installation Service
Associate Pastor
(Call Pastor Brian Belinda to stand before the Congregation)
As we have gathered together this morning, we do so with the intention to receive a gift from God to this Body, in the form of an Associate Pastor.
The Scripture informs us in , “And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers…”
-We give thanks to God for people whom he place in leadership. You are God’s gift to the body of Christ
-But now…He has also gifted us with an Associate Pastor to work along-side of me in leading this great Assembly.
-But now…He has also gifted us with an Associate Pastor to work along-side of me in leading this great Assembly.
We have designated Evangelism and Outreach as Pastor Von primary focus.
We have designated Evangelism and Outreach as Pastor Brian’s primary focus.
However, we are also leaning upon him to help us with assimilation and boosting participation in any and all ministries.
Not to mention, gaining his participation in follow-up with visitors and Church attendees.
-All of which, Pastor Von has joyfully embraced and is well able to lead in.
Charge To Associate Pastor
Therefore, as you, Pastor Von are being presented before this Body of Believers this morning…
And, as you, Pastor Von have been legally “voted in” to serve in this capacity within our Church Body on April 8, 2018 at our Special Business Meeting.
Do you then receive this election to serve this Body in the said capacity with humility, servitude and joy?
(If so, please say, “I do.”)
Charge To Congregation
Congregation, now that we have heard Pastor Von’s testimony and covenant to carry out his duties within this Body with a servant’s heart. That, coupled with the knowledge that Pastor Von has been legally received as our Associate Pastor here at Living Hope.
We must recognize that the success of his ministry here to us will not simply rest on his vote, or likeability; neither will it rest upon his own abilities. Instead, his success rests upon his ability to trust in the Lord and lean upon God’s guidance for the task at hand. That coupled with our faithfulness to cooperate with him and to pray for his ministry to be under God’s mighty hand; with be an assurance for success and growth as Pastor Von serves this congregation and community faithfully.
Therefore, as we follow through on this installation; we not only recognize the gift that Pastor Von is to this body, but we also commit to cooperate with and to pray for him.
(If this is your commitment, then, please say, “We will.”)
Prayer of Installation
Then, at this point, I want to ask the Church Board and Elders to come forward and gather around Pastor Von as we anoint and lay hands on Him in reception of Him as our new Associate Pastor.
As they come, I want to say that…
It is the intent of the Church Board & Elders here at Living Hope, and of this Church Body; to dedicate itself, together with our new Associate Pastor at this altar of prayer. We pray together for God’s richest blessing upon Pastor Von’s life, and ministry which herein begins…
If you will agree with us in prayer, and are in unison with God’s touch on this man’s life, will you please stand and reach your hand forward in prayer as we agree together…
A time for prayer…
Assumption of the Office
We will now give Pastor Von a moment to say a few words, as he would wish, in his reception of this new duty and union with this Body.
Closing Comments by the Pastor
Church, I want to encourage you to stand behind and pray for this man.
I know that this is a great day for us; and we are moving forward in a great direction as a Body. We are being stretched and broadened as a Church. This is a decision that strengthens us in our ability to thrive as a Body. I know that God has gifted us with this man, and I encourage you to love on and respect him wholeheartedly.
-He is now…PASTOR Von.
-He is now…PASTOR Brian.
-Let’s respond to him as such!
Hymn of Praise!
Let’s rejoice together at what God has done, and with what we have embraced this evening and sing, “To God Be The Glory!” Hymn #56
A reception is prepared for you all to attend in Pastor Brian’s honor in the Fellowship Hall. Please join us.
Close in Prayer…
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