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Introduction- The title of the lesson is Follow Me. When we look at the word follow that mean someone is ahead that is leading. But the question is are you will and ready to follow. Follow Me are welcome words. In this day in time we follow everybody and anybody that’s why the bible compares us to see easily influence and vulnerable. Lets examine and zoom closely to who we are following. because following christ bring safety, provision, and guidance.
Context- John is preparing the people for the messiah that baptize with the holy spirit and is greater than he. He is a witness to the light and is telling them who’s coming. The book of of John is reassurance that jesus is the messiah. That why Jesus did so many miracles to remove their doubt in fears with reassurance to make them re-think that he must be the son of man. So as moses lifted up the snake on the pole so shall the son of man be lifted up in the earth
Before jesus gave peter the commission he wanted to know did people love him because if peter loved him first he was gone tend and feed to Gods people as long as he continue to follow jesus Ex.) “ But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you”. Ex.) If ye love me, keep my commandments.
Follow the trend of love so as the father loved the son and the son love you abide in his love
When trying to lead and pastor people you have to put him first.
I know the intention seems to be legit and good and we even have a plans.A lot of us have God as plan B in our life when we need to make him plan A. The ultimately provider
a person who is too easily influenced or led. a person regarded as a protected follower of God
The disciples seen the crucifixion but somehow they forgot about the resurrection and thought there was an end. Now Jesus has to come to reassure them to remove there doubts and fears with scripture and reminder of what he said
We are no better the disciples because some of us know scriptures real well but still doubt and fear and he has t revive and restore us with his word to bring us back to life when we thought we were at a dead in road
We can see our plan and some of us can’t see his plan and a way for our life but he does’t want you to see his way because you will compare it to your way so when that time come when you need a break through and you done called all your plans around and they still haven't came through and now all of a sudden the impossible which is christ himself come to show himself strong and mighty and now you have no choice but to hone and recognize what he has done. You can’t share his glory in honor with no one.
When following Jesus seems impossible becomes possible
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