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John 6:41-59

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Manna and Jesus

It is interesting to compare the manna to Jesus Christ:

(1) It came from heaven at night; Christ came from heaven when men were in darkness.

(2) It fell on the dew; Christ came, born of the Spirit of God.

(3) It was not defiled by the earth; Christ was sinless, separate from sinners.

(4) It was small, round, and white, suggesting His humility, eternality, and purity.

(5) It was sweet to the taste; Christ is sweet to those who trust Him.

(6) It had to be taken and eaten; Christ must be received and appropriated by faith (1:12–13).

(7) It came as a free gift; Christ is the free gift of God to the world.

(8) There was sufficient for all; Christ is sufficient for all.

(9) If you did not pick it up, you walked on it; if you do not receive Christ, you reject Him and walk on Him (see Heb. 10:26–31).

(10) It was wilderness food; Christ is our food in this pilgrim journey to heaven.

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