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Romans 3

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GRACE - Gods Riches At Christ Expense

We need to understand that the book of Romans was not written to non-believers but to believers.
The church in Rome was made up of house churches.
Their faith was known throughout the world and that was with communication being delivered by foot.
The Law is like looking in a mirror when you are shaving to see what you need to shave.
As one person put it you are shaved by grace.
The law can not save you. The Gospel (Good News) of Christ is the only way to be saved.
We can not be righteous. We have to be given righteousness by God.
In the world we try to lay our hope in religion.
Religion is not a denomination or so called non-denominational church. Religion is man’s attempt to reconcile his relationship to God.
King David said in Psalms “Deliver me by your righteousness” referring to God’s righteousness
Justified. What is Justification? Being declared legally without guilt or innocent.
The word “Freely” here in the Greek means “A gift without reason”. Which means to us that we have been given a gift that we have had to do nothing for.
Grace is getting what you don’t deserve. Unmerited favor.
Redemption is being set free from like a slave market by a ransom being paid. Someone paying the price that you are 100% free. You had no hope of ever having it paid but somebody else has taken care of it.
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