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Healed or Cured ?

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Series Overview

What will this series be about: How to understand healing/curing in Jesus day compared to our day. To teach folks to read the healing/curing miracles of Jesus in cultural context.
What Felt need am I targeting? 
What happens when I pray to have a disease or ailment taken away and it is not. Is that a non answer, or has God answered me in a way I didn't expect? There is a difference between healing and curing. he can be cured and not healed and vice versa, the best is both, but God can grant either.
What is the primary scripture or book for the series?
--perfect illustration of the differences between how we understand healing and curing versus Jesus' culture.
What is the “big idea” of this series?
Our well being concerns the whole person.
How many weeks and what are the scriptures?
see below
What books, articles, and/or pop cultural references speak to this subject?
John J. Pilch "healing in the New Testament
What is the name of the series?
Healed or Cured?
What are the creative elements?
How will the series be promoted with deadlines.
Social Media
Promotion Schedule
4 Weeks Out
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The Week of

5.6 Healed or Cured?

Mark 2:1-12
Big Idea: The way we understand healing is very different then the way people in Jesus time understood it and it has nothing to do with science, but with our cultural value structure
How we understand healing today versus people in Jesus day
What a westerner might interpret as a loss of function an ancient reader would see as a dis-valued state of being, lameness for example
My experience as a hospice chaplain
Media (Ben casey)

5.13 Moonstruck

See Plutarch on moon/moonstruck
Greek word for epileptic is moonstruck
must be careful not to westernize things
Big Idea: How superstition can effect our faith: we translate moonstruck here as epileptic

5.20 Pentecost Walking and Leaping

Big Idea: This is direct evidence of supernatural healing. A healing of wholeness so healing and curing occured here.

5.27 Memorial Day Weekend Elder Inside and Out

The Message
Big Idea: The church's role in healing/curing. Oil. prayer, and hands.

General Notes

Pilch (Kindle)
Mediterranean/Hellenistic world View/Western
Being (spontaneity) vs Doing goal oriented
Collateral relationships (group goals preferable to individual goals, cooperation rather than competition)--individual
Present (survival is day to day)--future
subjugation to nature (nothing they could do about it, thus Jesus miracles really stood out. He remonstrated power over nature)--master of nature
mixture of good and evil--good
This produces an understanding of health that has to do with the whole person
For us health has to do with being able to perform the functions that help to maintain the individual
Better; health as a state of well being rather than the restoration of individual activity or performance
This means that the sickness problems presented to Jesus are concerned with a state of being rather than an inability to function.--values make the difference
What a westerner might interpret as a loss of function an ancient reader would see as a dis-valued state of being, lameness for example
Human ills in the synoptics 3 symbolic body zones
Heart-eyes (emotion fused thought)
Mouth-ears (self expressive speech)
hands-feet (purposeful activity)
Healing in cultural context
We focus therapies on causes or cure (control over nature)
cure: taking effective control of a disordered biological and/or psychological process usually identified as a disease
non scientific cultures therapies are centered at alleviating or managing symptoms, this entails creating new meaning for the sufferer; this is healing
healing: a process by which (a) disease and certain other worrisome circumstances are made into an illness (a cultural construction and therefore meaningful) and (b) the sufferer gains a degree of satisfaction through the reduction, or even elimination of the psychological, sensory, and experiential oppressive engendered by his/her medical circumstances.
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