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Ecclesiastes 9

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No One Knows What Will Happen

No matter who you are, no matter what’ve you done… Whether you’re good or evil, we will all meet death.
Death is not an accident, it’s an appointment ()
No one can cancel or change death, but God.
If we’re all gonna die, why does living Godly matter?
We all have the same destiny on earth, but we don’t have the same destiny in eternity.
The way you live determines heaven or hell.. Are you living for Jesus or are you living for the world?
Death will bring out the best or worst of people.
When death comes to a family, it doesn’t create problems, it reveals them.
When death comes for the believer, there should be a confidence, because you know where you are going.
Chuck Smith would always say, “And one of these days, should the Lord tarry, you no doubt will pick up your paper and read, "Chuck Smith died last night. Pastor of Calvary Chapel, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera." Don't believe it. That's poor reporting. If they're going to tell the truth, they're going to have to say, "Chuck Smith moved last night out of a decrepit old holy tent, leaky tent, into a beautiful new mansion."
Death isn’t the end of the road, it’s just a bend in the road.
Be Satisfied 1. Death Is Unavoidable (Ecc. 9:1–10)

Solomon was emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities while we live, rather than blindly hoping for something better in the future, because death will end our opportunities on this earth.

As Christians, we have a living hope, not a blind dead hope.. Jesus conquered death!
Knowing we are going to die one day, what do we do? We endure!
We endure through this life because God gave us this life to live!
We should endure through this life because we have hope in our savior.
V. 7-10
Be Satisfied 1. Death Is Unavoidable (Ecc. 9:1–10)

Solomon didn’t urge us to join the “jet set” and start searching for exotic pleasures in far away places. Instead, he listed some of the common experiences of home life: happy leisurely meals (v. 7), joyful family celebrations (v. 8), a faithful, loving marriage (v. 9), and hard work (v. 10). What a contrast to modern society’s formula for happiness: fast food and a full schedule, the addictive pursuit of everything new, “live-in marriages,” and shortcuts guaranteed to help you avoid work but still get rich quick.

He’s saying this over and over again, Get up and live! death is coming for us all, but God’s gifted us with things, so lets emjoy those things.
Enjoy every occassion
Enjoy every meal you sit down to eat
Enjoy your work.
Wiersbe said, “It’s not by searching for special things that we find joy, but by making the everyday things special.”
When we fear God and walk with Him, we will enjoy life so much more..
Solomon is talking about how life is totally unpredictable.
Every watch sports and you expect the biggest guy to win, but the smaller guy just surprises everyone.. That’s life.. Totally unpredictable.
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