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Abib 2018: They Changed God’s Times and Laws

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The prophet Daniel predicted 600+ years before Christ that a sinister power would arise (Rome) that would change God’s “times and laws.” – Daniel 7:25 Just as prophesied, the calendar was changed several times, the names of the days of the week were changed and a celebration of Jesus' birth was changed from a March-April time-frame to about 9 months later on December 25th, to match a pagan celebration by Sun worshipers of the sun turning northward (Saturnalia) with a worship of the Son (Sun) of God. This effort was a compromise that the Roman church made in order to gain more power and get Sun worshipers into the church. This certainly does not follow the instructions of Christ that He was "not of the world" - John 17:14, 16, and the Apostle Paul to, "Come out from among them and be separate..." – 2 Corinthians 6:17 During our worship service for our future, coming king, we go over the historical facts that lead us to celebrate Christ's birth at a very different time than the rest of the world. Join us in celebration and worship. The time of His coming is near! ***NOTE: Some songs are a little loud

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