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Ministry Challenge

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Missionaries Shawn and Amy Sullivan join us today. Shawn discusses the ongoing work in Ukraine, and gives us a ministry challenge.

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Click to edit Master title style Edit Master text styles Second level Third level Fourth level Fifth level 4/12/18 ‹#› Camp Willow Park Pidgaichyky, Ukraine A ministry of Shawn and Amy Sullivan Missionaries to Eastern Europe In partnership with MANNA Worldwide Beautiful facilities Friendswood Baptist church Camp team Critical Connections Lasting Friendships Morning routines Camp food!!!! Local culture?? More culture Fun and games Day trip adventures Mountaintop experiences And mountain rescue Reaching the community Community ministry established Life skills and gospel exposure Lives changed forever Multiplication! New mission point for church plant in muzichy (where our kids are from) in cooperation with revival church kyiv Friendswood Baptist church coming to camp willow park July 17-26, 2018 Register now with Pastor McCauley Get your passports Pray and prepare Shawn and amy Sullivan missionaries to eastern Europe 817-313-3656 Missionaries of the world Baptist fellowship Arlington, texas
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