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Foundational Principles For Missional Christians

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Barnabas and Saul are appointed as missionaries from the church at Antioch, and proclaim the gospel in Cyprus and Pisidia.

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This passage begins the most daring and challenging step ever taken by any organization in the history of the world. The Christian church launched forth, making the deliberate effort to carry the gospel to the whole world. It commissioned its first two missionaries for the deliberate purpose of going to meet the world’s desperate need for Christ.
The world’s need for the gospel has only grown larger over the centuries since this event. The global human population is estimated to have reached 7.46 billion people at the beginning of 2018. There are presently more living people on the earth than there ever have been in the history of this planet. This means that the need for the proclamation of the gospel is greater today than it ever has been.
As we continue to search the book of acts for foundational principles to enhance the ministry of the Woodville Baptist Church, we need to grasp some additional principles found in Acts chapter 13.

I- We must be a church that is constantly seeking the will of God (Acts 13:1 – 3).

A- The seeking of God’s will must begin with the leaders (Acts 13:1).

B- Seeking God’s will requires commitment and obedience (Acts 13:2 – 3).

II- We must be a people who are willing to engage the lost in uncomfortable situations (Acts 13:4 – 12).

A- The mission of Christ requires a committed team effort (Acts 13:4 – 5).

B- The mission of Christ requires a Spirit-led plan (Acts 13:4 – 6, 13 – 14).

C- The mission of Christ requires steadfast boldness (Acts 13:7 – 12).

III- We must be a people who are always ready to seize the opportunity for sharing the gospel (Acts 13:13 – 52).

A- We must put ourselves in a position where we can encounter people (Acts 13:14).

B- We must keep our eyes open for the opportunities that God provides (Acts 13:15 – 16).

C- We must find the common ground that provides bridges over which to carry the gospel (Acts 13:17 – 22).

D- We must share the good news and clear and concise language that the hearer understands (Acts 13:23 – 43).

E- We must refuse to allow the rejection by some to silence our witness or tempt us to quit. (Acts 13:44 – 52).

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