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Peace Be With You: part 1

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Jesus empowers the Apostles with Purpose, Faith, and the Holy Spirit

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Jesus Appears to His disciples. We now know them as the Apostles.

When Jesus appears to all of them, it is getting dark, and Day 4 after the crucifixion is about to begin. He says four things, each important.

Peace be with you!

I send you like my Father sent me!

Receive the Holy Spirit!

Forgive others!

Thomas: One who Doubts or one who Discerns?

His name is a nickname which means Twin: in Greek: Didymus, verse 24

His real name is Judas but not the Iscariot. He was called the twin because some ancient text say that he looked just like Jesus. Some biblical historians attribute him to being the brother of Jesus who was also called Jude.

Quite Inquisitive

John’s gospel only one that talks about him in a few more details.
— Going to Judea for Lazarus’ burial was risky. Thomas was willing to go.
— Jesus goes and prepares a place. Thomas wants to know where. We should be thankful that he did.
READ v 25
Faith means to Trust and also to Understand. More than saying “Sure, I can believe that.” But knowing beyond all doubt.

One Week Later… v 26

Jesus shows back up to talk with the Apostles. First thing he says is: “Peace be with you”. Then he talks to Thomas.
Blessed are those who believe without seeing.
We can’t just blame Thomas, for none of them, no one believed until they saw Jesus.
We need to ask the tough questions of our Faith. This is how we grow. We need see Jesus, but we can only do that spiritually. This is why we are blessed.
We grow in our Faith, but in order to grow, we first must believe. We must take that risky first step.
We we read God’s word, in order for it to help us grow in our faith, we must first believe that this is God’s Word and believe in God’s Word, the Son.

Verse 30, The purpose of this Book — the purpose of this Gospel...

read it. John is saying, let me show you Jesus, believe it and now have life!
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