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033 Acts 16:22-40 The great escape that didn't happen

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033 The great escape that didn’t happen

Introduction: The David and Goliath of the New Testament


I. vv. 22-24 Background notice some words here that gives a clear picture of what was going on.
A. vv. 22-23a beat them laid many stripes upon them
It wasn’t just a few stripes it was many
It shows the anger and rage these people had for Paul and Silas
They were angry because of the Gospel
it was an attacked upon their beliefs
The Gospel is saying I am right you are wrong
The Gospel is pointing out the sinfulness of man’s heart
Paul reconized this anger, for it comsumed him also
B. v. 23b cast them into prison
C. v.23c charging the jailer/an order was given what was that order
to keep them safely, make sure they don’t escape
They were giving the jailer the responciblity to keep these prisoners and he knew what would happen if he failed his responcibility
D. v24 received the charge thrusted them into the inner prison
he is recieving this order from some very angry men
so their anger reflects upon his action he thrusted them
he threw them
the inner prison, a place in the middle of the jail or under ground drugon
put the in stocks
II. v. 25-26 The great escape that didn’t happen
A. At midnight they prayed
Psalm 119:61–62 KJV 1900
The bands of the wicked have robbed me: But I have not forgotten thy law. At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto thee Because of thy righteous judgments.
Psalm 119:62 KJV 1900
At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto thee Because of thy righteous judgments.
1. Why did they pray
Psalm 169.2
they were in a helpless situation
There was nothing else for them to do
This was part of their realationship with God
2. What did they pray-not sure, what we pray
For help
For opportunity to preach the Gospel
For deliverence/remembering how God delivered Peter
B. Results of their prayer
Their hearts were encouarged, they began to sing
They sang so others would hear.
C. v. 26 The answer to their Prayer
An earthquake to place
foundations of the prison was shaken
doors were open every band was loose
miracle of the quake
with that magnitude of an earthquake nothing caved in
all the prison door were opened
show that God is in control
D. v. 27 the despair of the prison guard
The knowledge earthquakes we have today, they did not have. When something like this happen, people thought the god’s are speaking.
seeing all the prison doors were open
that was all he could see
he believed all had fled
maybe he heard how Peter escaped and know it was happening to in his prison under his watch
he knew his life was on the line
no way to explain this
The only way to escape was to kill himself
E. v. 28 The goodness of God/no escape was made
WHy didn’t the prisoners run?
Why didn’t Paul and Silas leave? God freed them Peter did.
There was a lost soul to be saved
We need to be senitive to peoples problems
F. v. 29-32 They only place he could go was to the Lord
Things that happen in peoples lives often bring them the Lord Jesus
marriage problems
work problems
close encounters with death
Man has replaced problems that man has with what we call mental health.
When tragity happens, people will either turn to God or away from him
v. 31-32 Pointed him to the Lord Jesus
what else can we do
They used God’s Word
Romans 1:16 KJV 1900
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
a. God’s Word is suffcient to meet all of our needs.
G. vv. 33-34 The Lord Jesus changed his heart
There was a life chance in this man’s life and his families
Took them to his house
cleaned their wounds
fed them
He was baptized, publically professing that he was a Christian
III. vv. 35-40 Paul defends himself and the Gospel
A. He was a Roman citizen should of had a trial
B. Making the point that he was a Roman citizen helped further the Gospel
This wasn’t just some new Jewish religion, a Roman was preaching it
C. Point is this, God can use you in a way that he may not be able to use someone else
ILL. My brother works for Nascar. Not sure what all he does but he travels from race to race. My prayer is that God would use someone in his field to wittness to him.
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