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“CANCER is one of the debilitating diseases of our day. You know what cancer is? Cells that don’t want to go with the program. They are deviant cells that have their own agenda. Now, this would be just fine … if they would leave your body. The problem with cancer is that these deviant cells still want to hang out in you. They don’t want to go anywhere. They just want to be independent.
Cancer cells still want blood, they still want to eat, and they still want oxygen because they want to grow. Not only do they want to grow, they also want to spread and metastasize. So in other words, they want to siphon off the body, but they don’t want to contribute to it. And ultimately, unless addressed radically, the whole body is in trouble, because what they want are the benefits.
Cancer exists in the church today too. There are cells of people that want the benefits of being in the body without the contributions. They want the sermons, they want the songs, they want the ministry to them, they want the toys for their kids, they want the foods for their pantry, and they want the counseling for their problem. They want all the things that the body is designed to give, but they don’t want to be part of the body. They just want to hang out in it.”
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