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Matthew 14:1-21

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Resistance all around

The failure to respond to Jesus’ invitation is a costly one. We know this because we have seen and read the witnesses reports of the consequences of that resistance. Jesus was preaching in his hometown and was rejected. Have you shared your message of Hope with the ones you love? If you are like most of us you were possibly not quite successful at first.
I had a similar response with my husband when I first began sharing my newfound faith with him. Eventually the Holy Spirit worked in him and he accepted Christ. But it is hard to watch those we know and love reject the message. Can you imagine the heartache with each rejection that Christ experienced? Being resented is not what He came for.
The early mood of the masses was enthusiastic adoration seems to be evaporation before their eyes. Sure the crowds followed Jesus still, but they would no longer see His miracles as authentication of who He was . Jesus continued to have compassion by healing the sick and when the crowds were hungry and there was no food to be had He fed the thousands. The feeding of the masses is the only miracle that was recorded in all four gospels.
#1 What things is Jesus concerned with?
Jesus was not only concerned for their spiritual health but also their physical health. He was always moved with compassion.
#2 Who do you think this miracle was performed for?
The miracle was primarily for the disciples benefit to teach them that they would be involved with feeding the people, but with spiritual food. The source of the food was to be the Lord and they would need to be refueled when their supply ran out.
Jesus supplies all our needs,
Jesus supplies all our needs, When we trust this fact, we leave behind worry, fear and doubt.
How many baskets were left over? 12. 12 is an important number. Not only was the 12 baskets of leftovers an impressive sign that there was plenty for all and plenty to spare. !2 is also a significant number that stands for the people of God. 12 tribes, 12 apostles.
#3 Rather than making vague and sometimes false promises that God will meet so and so’s needs, what can you do or say to meet the needs?
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