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God in the Hands of Angry People (1)

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Body Guard God - Doesn’t allow bad things to happen to good people - He allowed this to happen
On Demand God - Responds to fair and resonable request
Boyfriend God - Always feels his presence
Anti-Science God - False tension between science and religion
Sherif God
Accountant God
Anything Goes God
Hypocritical God
Produces Anger - How is it tying back
Define Angry - (Connecting it back)
Anger, Disappointment,
What could happen with misconceptions
Angry and Become Anger
God - Surface Things
Attributes of God - founded on Depth
Lack of Interest
Merit System God - Earn his favor/blessing - Try Harder God
Try Harder vs. Come Closer
Emotional God - God is sobbing - God is moving?
Guilt God - God Loves You but doesn’t like you
Acknowledging how people are feeling - Empathic
Feelings and Process - Highlight - Walk Through
Dismantling - Positive Side
Counterfit Gods - What scriptures come to mind
To a known God
This is how it is working out for you.
Bring clarity to who I am - You can see - to live life to the fullest
Helping people get through the series - Topics we are going to thinking (Help people prepare themselves for it)
Layout of the series
Progression of where we are going (Processor)
How to prepare
How we are going to live
Purpose and where we would land
Resources (Who are we studying) - Books I would recommend
Standard - Study Questions and Sermon Discussion Guide
Walk with us for 6 weeks - Dive into some doubts - End
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