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Where it all must begin

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I. Paul: "It's not about you or me. It's all about the Lord" (v. 1 - 2)

(i) The Lord is the One who started my life, commissioned my life, and who sustains my life (v. 1)
(ii) The Lord is the Source of what you need for your life (v. 2)
What is Paul saying?
Paul is stating why he started and why he is continuing - Divine empowerment/motivation. Paul is also showing what has been made available to Timothy - Divine favor from the same Source.
Why is he saying this?
Paul is saying this as a common opening to letters; but he is saying this specifically in a letter that is written to encourage Timothy to bold endurance.

II. Paul: "Don't be ashamed of Jesus or of me, the prisoner of Jesus." (1:8)

What is the principle?
The Source of courage or bold endurance is God Almighty through Jesus Christ our Lord.

III. Principle: "The Source of courage for bold endurance is God Almighty through Jesus Christ our Lord."

IV. Paul: "The promise of life is in Christ Jesus." (v. 1)

Where is Christ in this?
Jesus came to do the will of His Father (, ).
Christ plainly declared that his soul was disturbed ().
It was in these times that we find Christ coming to His Source.
Consider also the wilderness temptation ().
Christ is not merely an Example to the believer, but Christ is the means through which God's grace, mercy, and peace are mediated to the believer so that he can courageously endure ().

V. Practical Application:

(i) Courage begins with an identity that is rooted in the Lord
(ii) Courage continues with confidence in the favor that is eternally mediated through Christ
The mistake that believers make is to put eyes upon Paul/Timothy and not upon the divine origin of each of them. A dedicated courage/perseverance begins with an identity rooted in Christ, is continually convinced of the promise of God in Christ, and is maintained by faith in the favor of God continually mediated through Christ.
Where does courage begin? It begins with the Lord and it continues by the Lord.
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