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Matthew 13:1-30

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Less Clarity Equals Less ...

Multiple parables; hearers, seers, teaching and listening but no understanding. Often we read them and wonder what the meaning is as well. But there is something very different about the parables in . These parables are almost obscuring what Jesus said in all his teachings previously. Why? Because in rejecting Jesus’ clear teachings about himself as King they had closed their eyes to the truth. Now Jesus will go forward and speak less clearly to them.
#1 Why do you think Jesus would speak less clearly to them?
Because in speaking less clearly they would not understand, and with less understanding comes less responsibility. The more understanding of Jesus’ words the more responsible we are to follow them .
The Jews had a clear notion of what the kingdom would be like. The OT was taught from very young ages so it was incorporated into their entire life. They knew what to expect from the Messiah and thought they would be able to recognize Him when He came again. They were not willing to be shaken off the stick they were attached to like a dog. We often get like that as well .... I know that I can be a stick in the mud when my way is the best way mentality kicks in.
#2 In the parable of the Sower the expected form was that the Messiah would turn Israel and all nations to Himself. What was the unexpected characteristic revealed in the parable?
They were not expecting that individuals would be able to respond differently to Jesus’ invitation. Each hearer of the Word responded differently like the seed did to each of the soils.
#3 In the parable of the wheat the expected form the Jews were expecting was that the kingdom’s righteous citizens would rule the world with the King. What were the Jews not expecting to happen that Jesus said would happen in this parable?
The kingdom’s citizens are among the men of the world, growing together til the Day of the Lord.
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