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Matthew 12:38-50

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Kingdom judgement and terrifying fate

Have you ever asked God to prove himself? Of course you probably have. When we ask God for a sign to show us that which we are looking for an answer to, we are indeed asking God for proof of his involvement. We hope and pray that God gives us that sign instead of trusting God is at work.
Some Pharisees in today’s reading wish to see a sign from Jesus to prove His authority. Jesus has already provided many such signs. They just wanted to see one sign…which means they rejected all the other signs performed by Jesus. His answer to them was that they would see no such sign except for the one where the Son of Man would spend three nights and days in the ground. By the time this sign was accomplished it would be far too late for the Pharisees to accept Jesus as Messiah.
Jesus warns them all that previous generations repented when less than He had preached. This generation of sign seekers stands condemned in the final judgement. Jesus tells them a parable about a man that found deliverance from a demon who had tried to clean up his act and set things in order. But mere religion is never effective so the man did not experience a supernatural transformation and healing. Instead the man was overcome by many more demons and his condition was now worse off then he was originally.
#1 Why do you think the religious leaders were in danger of that happening to them?
They were in danger because of their attempts at reforming without the power of God. They clearly did not understand God’s power because they confused the power of the Holy Spirit with the power of Satan thus they were huge targets for Satan to lead away.
#2 Jesus’ blood relatives came to visit and speak with Jesus but Jesus said “who are they”. Why do you think Jesus did this?
Jesus’ blood relatives … His brothers did not believe in Him until after His resurrection (). True discipleship comes not through family relations but through obedience to God.
The parable of the sower describes different responses to the message of the kingdom of heaven that Jesus and His disciples preach.
#3 What does each ground
#2 Jesus’ family arrives on scene and why do you think Jesus disregarded his family?
#3 What was it in today’s reading that was revealed that would have been the biggest sign of Jesus’ deity?
His “blood” relatives for the most part did not believe in Him before His resurrection () but Jesus stated that true discipleship comes not with being a blood relative but in doing the will of God.
The Jews could not see that the someone greater was Jesus and that he told them that he would die and be resurrected. This was His first prediction of his death.
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